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Katie Price's fiancé Carl Woods says he'd 'never, ever' hurt her and people will 'know the truth'

Katie Price's fiance Carl Woods told followers tonight they will 'know the truth' as he posted an Instagram story almost a month after the reality star was allegedly punched in the face.

The 32-year-old filmed a video from his car in which he revealed how the last few weeks have been 'the roughest of my life'.

Mr Woods said he'd gone into 'hiding', and insisted he would 'never, ever' hurt the glamour model, claiming he was a 'good fella'.

His statement comes after police were called to Ms Price's Essex home at around 1.30am on August 23, where a man was arrested on suspicion of assault, theft and coercive and controlling behaviour.

Ms Price was taken to hospital and was pictured the following day with bruises to her face and an injured lip.

Katie Price was pictured a day after the attack with bruising to her face  

In a two minute clip, Mr Woods said: 'I've not been on Instagram for a long, long time, and let me tell you this past month has been one of the roughest of my life. Never, ever, ever have I felt so low.

'I had to go into hiding and shut down. If I wasn't a stronger person in the head it would absolutely have defeated me.'

He added: 'Everyone just remember who I am and all the things I did at the start when I first came onto the scene, that's all I can say.

'I'm a good fella and I've always been a good fella and always will be a good fella.

'Anyone who thinks anything different of me, when you know the truth and I'm allowed to tell the truth, you'll be eating your words.

'I just hope everyone who had the balls to abuse me has the balls to say 'look, do you know what, I'm sorry'. That is what I ask, because I've screenshotted every single one of you.'

Concluding the video, he said: 'I have never and would never, ever do a thing to hurt Katie, never.' 

It comes after a man arrested on suspicion of assaulting Ms Price was rebailed by police earlier this week. 

The 32-year-old suspect was held after the reality star, 42, was allegedly punched in the face at her home in Essex last month.

Essex Police confirmed on Monday he had been released until later this week.

Police outside the house following the alleged incident last month 

Hours before the alleged attack, Ms Price shared an image taken by her fiancé, Carl Woods, 32, showing the couple posing with her two youngest children, Bunny, seven and Jett, eight 

'I came downstairs to see what was going, but I don't know what time it was because I didn't have my phone with me. I didn't see or hear any cops. I didn't see any blue lights.'

Essex Police said: 'A 32 year-old man arrested following reports of an assault on August 23 has been rebailed until later this week.'

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