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Katie Hopkins calls Australia a 'penal colony over Covid lockdowns after she was deported

Far-right British pundit Katie Hopkins claims Australia is in a 'dark place' with Covid lockdowns after she was fined and deported for arrogantly flouting hotel quarantine rules.

Hopkins was paid $200,000 by Channel Seven to appear on Australian Big Brother VIP, of which she is a former winner back home in Britain.

But she was booted out of the show and kicked out of the country with a $1,000 fine after posting a bizarre video detailing her plans to break quarantine.

They included refusing to wear a mask and surprising staff by opening her door while stark naked when they delivered her food.

But now safely back in the UK after being frogmarched to the airport, Hopkins hit out at Australia's coronavirus strategy in a new video on YouTube on Monday.

The personality, who has previously called Covid lockdowns 'the greatest hoax in human history, continues to take on Australia's stay-at-home orders since arriving back in the UK

'An Australian update from me Katie Hopkins,' the controversial anti-lockdown campaigner begins while siting in front of a mashup of the US and British flags. 

'I think I can safely say from very personal experience that Australia is in a very dark place indeed,' she continued.

'The different premiers of the different states seem to be competing as to who can treat their citizens the most harshly.'

Hopkins claimed state premiers had reverted the country back to a 'penal colony' with lockdowns in four states since her departure.

She in particular slammed Sydney's 'never-ending' lockdown, restrictions on shopping, exercising, and compulsory social distancing in the four-minute tirade. 

Television personality Katie Hopkins has responded to her deportation from Australia by taking aim at the state's premiers who she claims have reverted the country back to a 'penal colony'

The social commentator then turned her attention to Queensland and criticised the state government for calling a lockdown over fewer than 20 cases. 

Hopkins said while the premiers were competing on who can be the toughest, there was one thing on which they agreed. 

The TV personality said state leaders agreed the way out of the lockdown was with a vaccine, citing Gladys Berejiklian's target of six million jabs by the end of August. 

She said the NSW premier was only willing to release residents from the stay-at-home orders after half her state rolled up their sleeves for a jab. 

Hopkins went express outrage over helicopters hovering above peoples' homes in western Sydney to ensure they remained at their home address.

She then tried to compare Australia's 'stringent' lockdown with the second amendment in the US that gives Americans' the right to keep and bear arms. 

'This couldn't happen in America,' she explained. 

Ms Hopkins slammed Greater Sydney's 'never-ending' lockdown and restrictions on shopping, exercising and social distancing in a four-minute tirade she uploaded to YouTube on Monday

'This can't happen in states that uphold their second amendment because you couldn't just send police and the army door-to-door to check if people are imprisoned in their own homes against their will.'

Hopkins said the amendment gave citizen's freedoms to defend their own homes. 

The Covid sceptic also vented her outrage that her 'friends at Sky News' were banned from YouTube for a week for 'speaking things that go against the government narrative'.

YouTube blocked the Australian TV channel after 'numerous' videos violated the tech giant's medical misinformation policies.

Sky News promoted content that denied the existence of Covid-19 and spruiked controversial treatments that aren't backed by science. 

Hopkins instead claimed the ban was used to scare producers and media channels into becoming more compliant in the kind of Covid-19 content they posted.

'And of course, I guess I'm an example of that as well,' Hopkins said. 'Don't speak out, or we will deport your a**.'

The commentator concluded her monologue by questioning who could challenge Australia's political leaders if certain individuals and media channels were not allowed to speak on the 'dark direction' Australia was heading in. 

'Is this really still a functioning democracy or is this more of a dictatorship? And has Australia really got freedom for its citizens?' she asked.

'Has Australia reverted to being a penal colony where the prisoners are in fact Australians themselves?'

The scathing tirade comes after Hopkins blasted Australian authorities on Instagram and attempted to spark a 'free Australia' viral trend.

'I will not relent. I will not back down. I will not apologise. Australians must be set free. #FreeAustralia,' she wrote on several Instagram posts last week.  

Katie Hopkins has tried to claim her humiliating deportation from Australia as a victory, telling her supporters on Instagram she will never be 'silenced' after being sent back to the UK for joking about breaching hotel quarantine in Sydney

The personality, who has previously called Covid lockdowns 'the greatest hoax in human history, continues to take on Australia's stay-at-home orders as a cause since being kicked out of Australia. 

She was deported after publicly claiming she taunted hotel security by answering the door naked while not wearing a mask during her mandatory 14-day quarantine in Sydney.

'The police officer who checked me in told me when they knock on my door I have to wait 30 seconds until I can open the door,' she said in an Instagram Live video while breaking out into hysterics. 

Hopkins said she was 'lying in wait' to 'spring [the door] open and frighten the s*** out of them and do it naked with no face mask.' 

The controversial British social commentator boarded a Singapore Airlines flight from Sydney on July 19 after her 'critical skills' visa was torn up by the Federal Government and she was fined $1,000 (£536) for the hotel room incident. 

She continues try and claim her humiliating deportation as a victory, also telling her supporters she will never be 'silenced'. 

Hopkins rose to fame after starring on The Apprentice in the UK in 2007 and is known for her contentious views on race, sex, class, obesity and migration.  

Hopkins rose to fame after starring on The Apprentice in the UK in 2007 and is known for her contentious views on race, sex, class, obesity and migration

Meanwhile, Sydney's long-awaited path to freedom out of lockdown will hinge on an ambitious target of six million jabs in arms across NSW by the end of August. 

Premier Gladys Berejiklian on Tuesday flagged Australia's largest city could start opening up in stages as the state recorded another 199 cases of Covid-19 overnight, including 50 who were infectious in the community. 

Queensland's latest Covid outbreak of the Indian delta variant continues to grow, with 16 new cases of community transmission announced on Tuesday morning.

Chief health officer Dr Jeannette Young said the threshold for lifting the lockdown next Sunday at 4pm would be the number of cases in quarantine. 

'On Sunday, we will want to have seen that any new cases that have been coming up have been in quarantine for their full infectious period.' 

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