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Kardashian cosmetic surgeon Raj Kanodia lists over-the-top nine-bedroom LA megamansion $99 million

Celebrity plastic surgeon Raj Kanodia, beloved by Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston, has set his massive and glamorous Bel Air mansion on the market for $99million after struggling to flip the extravagant home for a profit. K

Kanodia had originally placed it for sale for $180 million. 

He started to build the modern 34,000-square-foot Los Angeles mansion in 2015 and listed it in 2018. 

But after years of languishing on the market despite having interested buyers, Kanodia is now accepting offers $99million. 

The lavish estate has earned itself the nickname the 'glass palace' for its ceiling-to-floor glass walls and windows with stunning views of the snowcapped mountains of the Angeles forest, the offshore oasis of Catalin, and the breathtaking cityscape. 

A California megamansion, the estate of LA dermatologist Dr. Alex Khadavi has hit the market for $87 million

The home comes with an infinity pool with views looking across Los Angeles 

The mansion has nine bedrooms and ultra-luxury amenities like a massive wine cellar, infinity pool and a floating staircase

Floor to ceiling glass paneled doors slide back to reveal a wrap-around terrace and infinity pool 

Plenty of air is allowed to flow through the home thanks to massive doors that slide back 

'The house is built with the same millimeter precision of the beauty I like to create,' Kanodia said . 'I like to create beauty, it’s a sense of euphoria for me.'

The massive house is located in the ritzy Bel Air area of Los Angeles and boasts three luxury kitchens

A wet bar area provides ample space for seating and shelves to display a mezcal or gin collection

The open plan home features a fire place for when the California nights turn chilly

Bathtime could last a long time with so much to look at including the skyline of Beverly Hills

A fitted bookcase leaves plenty of room for reading material and other ornaments 

A plunge pool, sauna, left, and steam room, right are just some of the luxuries that come complete with the purchase

LA plastic surgeon Dr. Raj Kanodia is known as a plastic-surgeon to the stars including several members of the Kardashians

Cosmetic surgery is all about perfection, but it is not just in the operating room that a plastic surgeon such as Kanodia appreciates beauty. The same levels of excellence apply to the home he is trying to sell.

The house comes with a champagne-tasting room, infinity pool and lush lawns that stretch out offering magnificent views over the City of Angels. 

Kanodia, who loves gardening, flew in exotic plants and trees from India and outfitted the grounds with green lawns and lush hanging gardens.  

Kanodia is a renown surgeon most distinguished and beloved by celebrities for his scarless 'closed rhinoplasty' nose jobs and artistry. He says that he approached building and perfecting the Bel Air mansion with the same attention to detail that he applies to his work. 

'One of the reasons I built my house was to express my artistic vision through another medium, in addition to the scarless rhinoplasty and facial enhancement,' Dr. Kanodia says. 

'The house is built with the same millimeter precision of the beauty I like to create,' he said to CNBC. 'I like to create beauty, it's a sense of euphoria for me.' 

But now he's facing a financial challenge after struggling to sell the home.    

Los Angeles brokers say that many builders with little real estate experience such as Kanodia - a surgeon who immigrated to the U.S. from India - are now at a loss after they were pulled into the business, lured by the quick profits made in 2014 and 2015. 

The lavish estate has earned itself the nickname the 'glass palace' for its ceiling-to-floor glass walls and stunning views of the Los Angeles cityscape and mountains

The sheer scale of the property can truly be appreciated from up above 

Sunsets are magnificent when viewed from the terrace of the home next to the infinity pool

A lower level parking garage keeps vehicles both protected and out of sight

The nine-bedroom megamansion is also being offered for rent at $1.5million a month

Dinner for 18 is no problem with this long table and outdoor kitchen area complete with stunning nighttime views

The hotel might feel more like a hotel in many ways with so many places to sit and relax

Granite floors make for a solid feel to the outdoor deck areas of the home

Overall the high-end real estate market is suffering following the pandemic and the 2014-15 boom which led to a building spree of sprawling, pricey homes. Bel Air happens to be the capital of the luxury building boom. 

But with less foreign buyers and tax changes, it's now more expensive to live in high-tax states. 

Kanodia reveals his friends warned him against building the lavish home. 

'They said, 'You're way out of your league,' Kanodia said. 

'They told me, 'You'll run out of money and you'll be forced to sell it to service your debts.'' 

Now he's performing as many plastic surgeries as possible to pay back the millions of dollars in loans the astronomical costs of maintaining the empty house and grounds. 

'In Las Vegas, terms it's called 'all in,'' he said. 'I'm all in times a million.' 

Kanodia has lived in Bel Air in a Mediterranean-style mansion for over 20 years. 

In 2011 he purchased the property next door for $6.8million and it eventually became the glass palace. 

In 2011 he purchased the property that was located next door to his for $6.8million and it eventually became the glass palace

Kanodia, who loves gardening, flew in exotic plants and trees from India and outfitted the grounds of the estae with green lawns and lush hanging gardens

The home is private, yet nestled neatly in the Bel Air hillside 

A champagne tasting room and cigar collection can be perfectly housed here

A smaller dining room option is available for when just eight people are round for dinner 

Kanodia one of many builders who were lured into building luxury homes in the 2014-15 real estate boom, but have now found their sprawling properties languishing in the market

One of the nine bedrooms offers plenty of space together with easy access to the outdoors

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