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Joy in New York animal park after birth of extremely rare white kangaroo 

An extremely rare white kangaroo has been born at a zoo in New York. 

The joey, named Cosmo, was born at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville with a rare condition known as leucism, which causes the partial loss of pigmentation in an animal. 

Leucism can cause white, pale, or patchy coloration but unlike albinism, it does not affect the eyes. 

White kangaroo Cosmo pictured with his dad, male red kangaroo Boomer

Cosmo was born with a white coat and black color pigmentation in the eyes.  

Park owner Jordan Patch believes Cosmo is the only kangaroo of his existence in North America. 

The Joey was born five months ago, to male red kangaroo Boomer and female kangaroo Rosie, and like all kangaroos was the size of a thumbnail. 

He was then left to grow inside his mother's pouch for four two five months where he received care and nourishment until he was ready to be removed by park keepers for an inspection and medical review. 

Afterwards, Cosmo was returned to his mother's pouch.  

Cosmo's condition does not affect his overall health but it means he would not be able to last in the wild due to his inability to camouflage. 

Cosmo pictured with park owner Jordan Patch. : 'Right off the bat when we saw he was white it was remarkable, but when we got a closer look and saw the black eyes, our jaws dropped to the floor,' he said 

Speaking to CNN about the birth of the unique joey, park owner Jordan Patch said: 'Right off the bat when we saw he was white it was remarkable, but when we got a closer look and saw the black eyes, our jaws dropped to the floor. 

'In that moment we knew we had something we'd never seen in our entire careers.' 

He added that the birth of the joey had brought some 'light at the end of the tunnel' going into 2021 and that the park was no stranger to having 'awesome happenings and experiences'. 

Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville is home to over 100 species of animals, In 2017, the park attracted global attention due to the birth of a giraffe named April, which was live-streamed around the world. 

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