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Johnny Depp and Alec Baldwin pen intro and foreword for new book on divorce

Johnny Depp and Alec Baldwin have opened up about their grueling - and high profile - divorce battles in a new book written by British actor Greg Ellis.   

The book delves into Ellis's own bitter divorce and custody battle while aiming to expose the 'archaic and inhumane' family court system and its 'gender bias' against men and fathers. 

The issues are all too familiar to Depp and Baldwin, both of whom have endured very public and acrimonious splits from their respective spouses. 

Baldwin, 63, was infamously embroiled in a contentious custody battle over daughter Ireland after divorcing first wife Kim Basinger in 2002.

The 30 Rock star has openly spoken about the nasty legal fight over the years, admitting he harbors more resentment for the courts and the 'divorce industry' than for his ex-wife.  

Meanwhile, Depp's 2017 divorce from ex-wife Amber Heard continues to drag out in court after sparking allegations of domestic abuse and a subsequent multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit.  

In excerpts obtained by DailyMail.com, Depp, 58, endorsed Ellis's work in his dedication, describing the book as 'both a chilling reminder and essential therapy for anyone navigating the recrimination and trauma that is modern American divorce.' 

The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law is written by British actor and Pirates of the Caribbean star Greg Ellis, who aims to expose the 'archaic and inhumane' family court system while detailing his own bitter custody battle in 2015

'It is also both diagnosis and prescription, mediating on the depths of the crisis and the way out. Greg Ellis sets the record straight and shatters the myths of divorce court,' he continues. 

'This is Greg's story. It's your story. And it's our story. If you're trapped in the dungeon that is the family court system, The Respondent should be your constant companion.' 

Ellis, 53, who starred alongside Depp as Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves in the Disney film franchise, has been an outspoken supporter of the actor in his ongoing legal battle with Heard. 

Speaking to DailyMail.com, the author said he aims to shed light on the misconceptions surrounding 'the respondent', the term given to the party responding to a divorce petition, which in most cases tend to be the husband. 

'Like many people who have known [Johnny] for many years in Hollywood, [I think] he's a wonderful fellow and a great dad,' Ellis said.

'People think that celebrities are immune to pain and suffering and the vicissitudes of family law and corrupt attorneys. 

'So I knew what he'd been through the moment I found out about it and I support him. I have supported him, and I stand beside him.'

Ellis said he believes Depp is a victim of a 'targeted campaign by someone who clearly was seeking fame and notoriety through their association with him and then used the silver bullet of false accusation of domestic violence.' 

'I think if we're going to talk about toxic masculinity, we have to talk about toxic femininity,' he added. 

Ellis, who starred alongside Johnny Depp as Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves (right) in the Pirates of the Caribbean films, has been an outspoken supporter of his co-star in his legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard 

The British actor has openly criticized the family court system and its alleged bias towards women and mothers  

The father-of-two explained he felt compelled to write the book after struggling to find published works or guidance on the matter during his divorce in 2015. 

He decided to reach out to Baldwin, who in 2008 co-authored a book documenting his own separation from Kim Basinger, titled, 'A Promise to Ourselves: A Journey Through Fatherhood and Divorce.' Baldwin then showed his support by offering to write the foreword. 

'It was a very generous email and very kind offer, and that provided the impetus for me to start the multimedia conservation on the modern or positive masculinity,' Ellis said. 

Alec Baldwin, who also co-authored a book on divorce, was pictured greeting fans outside The  Whitby in New York City this week

In the candid foreword, Baldwin admits to having felt 'defeated and overwhelmingly reflective' after his marriage ended and describes the emotional turmoil brought on by the lengthy and expensive court process.

'In the ensuing years, as I was dragged through the suffering and humiliation of the California family law system (an entity that I came to equate with a criminal organization, defined by their casual willingness to inflict pain in order to extort money), I became outraged by what I was put through. So much so that I wrote a book about the experience,' he writes. 

'I encourage you to read Greg Ellis's book, The Respondent, a fresh and updated take from an American divorce court, where some things have changed (now men are seeking—and in some instances even gaining—sole custody of their children, either justifiably or as the result of the malignant parental alienation that plagued them for so long) and some things are, unconscionably, the same.  

'Divorce court, divorce mediation, custody evaluations, forensic accountings... It's all a foreign land to most people and one where you can easily lose your sanity coming to terms with the senseless rules that govern there, rules that will potentially affect the rest of your life,' Baldwin adds.   

Although the book explores the consequences of family breakdown and the subsequent legal battle, Ellis says it is also intended to be a source of support. 

'It's a guidebook, part meditation, part manifesto, part mediation, but it also offers solutions and help and hope for those going through the system,' he said.  

The father-of-two has also launched a charity to support children and parents going through the court process. 

The nonprofit, Children & Parents United (CPU), aims to 'promote and improve child well-being' by offering help and resources' and in turn reducing 'conflict for those children and parents navigating our current family law systems.'  

The Respondent: Exposing the Cartel of Family Law is available for pre-order online.  

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