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John Lewis Christmas decorations: Experts reveal 2020 trends

For most of us, Christmas decorations involve a few strings of fairy lights, a wreath on the door and maybe a strand or two of tinsel.

But John Lewis has decidedly loftier ideas about what families will be looking for this festive season. 

The retailer yesterday unveiled a sneak peek of its seasonal offerings and suggested 'art nouveau', 'post-impressionism' and 'renaissance' will be among the ' trends sought out by shoppers in the run-up to Christmas.

'Zoom corners' will also be a must-have for image-conscious families who might be spending part of the day on video calls with loved ones, according to John Lewis partner and Christmas buyer Dan Cooper. 'Wreaths, garlands and hanging lights can come into play and spark joy amongst virtual gatherings.'

Elsewhere mantlepieces, traditionally used to hang stockings, will become the backdrop for social media-worthy displays. 'The mantlepiece has now evolved into a display of stems, baubles, pearls and candlesticks, our Renaissance trend works perfectly here,' he explained. 

Read on to discover more about the seven key trends John Lewis is predicting we'll see in our living rooms this year.  


BLOOMSBURY: The 'Bloomsbury' style is an 'eclectic marriage of bohemian and chic', according to John Lewis and will be a hit with vintage lovers. Pictured, a 'Bloomsbury' tree 

WHAT IS IT? This art movement is characterised by the groups’ work of literature, thought-provoking modern attitudes to feminism and economics. 

The soft illustration style is captured throughout the works of art, usually in interior settings which are reflected in the tree decorations. An eclectic marriage of bohemian and chic, with a love of vintage reflects this customer.

GET THE LOOK: Rooms filled with books, antiques, hidden treasures and art handed down through the generations would suit this look. Add natural materials such as thistles, fruits and berries with woven baskets and rich velvet stockings to add warmth. Darker faux fur and patchwork designs work well here.


RENAISSANCE: Glamorous customers who adore life in the city will like this approach to decorating, the experts claim. Feathers, soft furnishings and faux fur are all involved

WHAT IS IT? This trend takes classical references from the Renaissance frescoes and updates them in a contemporary way with the use of feathers, velvet and pearls. The movement is characterised by sculpture and decorative arts, with references to literature and music throughout which are reflected in tree decorations and sprays. Ideal for the glamorous city living customer that enjoys hosting beautiful, indulgent dinners at home.

GET THE LOOK: Think extravagant feathers, luxurious embroidered soft furnishings with delicate pearls and faux fur to add texture. Drape garlands, beads and sprays over bannisters and mix with beautiful pastel accessories. The colour palette includes soft pinks and builds through to blues and greens with hints of metallic gold.


ART NOUVEAU: 'The architecture, paintings and in the late 1800s is the main inspiration behind this theme,' John Lewis explains. Try mixing luxe materials to achieve the look at home

WHAT IS IT? The architecture, paintings and in the late 1800s is the main inspiration behind this theme, it embraces a wide range of fine and decorative arts. The style is opulent with rich materials and extravagant accessories, as well as bold characters such as peacocks and animal prints that are featured throughout the decorations.

GET THE LOOK: Mix luxe materials such as silk, cut glass, velvet, marble and heavy rich jacquards against deep blues, yellows and metallics. Barware plays a heavy role in this theme, think gold cocktail shakers, champagne saucers and striking bar trolleys with animal print accessories.


POST-IMPRESSIONISM: Animal prints and plenty of colours are on display in this example of an art nouveau tree. A traditional palette is replaced with yellows, oranges, blues and reds

WHAT IS IT? This theme is inspired by the reaction against Impressionists’ concern for the naturalistic depiction of light colour. The trend uses vivid colours, using real-life subject matter and emphasises geometric forms. 

This is reflected in the use of exotic animals and eccentric home furnishings within the collection. The customer is inspired by travel, world cinema and antiques with interests in nature and wellbeing.

GET THE LOOK: A bright, painterly, tropical inspired palette, with narrative prints featuring insects, exotic birds and animals from the jungle. 

The palette builds from greens to yellows and oranges with splashes of blues and reds throughout the decorations. Think bold mosaics, hand blown glass and painted ceramics with embroidered stockings and alternative tree toppers.


POP ART: Christmas Day meets nightclub with neon lights, metallics and multi-coloured wreaths for the Pop Art look, which draws on the experimental art movement of the 60s

WHAT IS IT? This theme takes inspiration from the Pop Art movement that explores modern artists experimenting with new ways of seeing and working with the nature of materials and functions of art. Abstract themes, reflective surfaces of polished stainless steel and mirror-like pieces of work distort the viewer and surroundings. The collection plays with light and colour through glass effects, foils and beading.

GET THE LOOK: To recreate this look within the home build on a contemporary interior that has unique pieces of furniture and bold geometric shapes that characterises the room. 

Add colour through neon lights, metallics and sequins and fun multi-coloured wreaths. This theme is about experimenting with colours, being as brave and bold as you dare.


IMPRESSIONISM: Based on the impressionism movement in the 1870s and 80s, the Impressionism trend will see shoppers build on a neutral base with blues, teal and lilac

WHAT IS IT? This theme is based on the impressionism movement in the 1870s and 80s. The movement is characterised by small, thin delicate brush strokes with emphasis on depictions of light movements which are reflected in the materials used in this collection such as tinted glass, tarnished silver with darker tones coming through the use of acorns and cones. This theme works well in a rural setting, and lends itself to a mindful retreat filled with home-cooked dinners and long country walks in the snow.

GET THE LOOK: The colour palette builds on a neutral base with light blues, teal and lilac coming through the tree decorations. Layer faux fur and chunky knit home accessories with natural elements to create a snug and cosy setting. Ceramics and linens are perfect for this trend on the table with eucalyptus and a frosted spray above the table.


ART OF JAPAN: The modern illustration style and vivid colours come across in our tree decorations with bright flowers, berries and dragons. Will work well in contemporary spaces

WHAT IS IT? The rediscovery of Japanese art and design by western culture reinvented this movement in the 21st century. The modern illustration style and vivid colours come across in our tree decorations with bright flowers, berries and dragons. Contemporary, open plan living spaces will highlight the bold designs in this collection paired with natural and sustainable materials wherever possible through home furnishings.

GET THE LOOK: The colour palette for this look moves from bright red through fuschia to metallics. Cut glass, high shine finishes and laser cut paper embolden this trend, along with blossom sprays and poinsettias for softness. The living space is simple, pared back with a clean style, suitable for someone in a suburban area that enjoys spending time in the local surroundings.

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