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Joey Jordison, former drummer for Slipknot, dies in his sleep aged 46

Joey Jordison, who was a founding member of the band Slipknot and shot to fame as their drummer, has died.

His family announced in a statement quoted by Rolling Stone that he passed on in his sleep this Monday at the age of 46.

The cause of death has not been announced and the statement included a request for 'privacy and peace at this incredibly difficult time.'

Dearly departed: Joey Jordison, who was a founding member of the band Slipknot and shot to fame as their drummer, has died; pictured performing with the band in London in 2008

'Joey’s death has left us with empty hearts and feelings of indescribable sorrow. To those that knew Joey, understood his quick wit, his gentle personality, giant heart, and his love for all things family and music,' the statement said.

'The family of Joey have asked that friends, fans, and media understandably respect our need for privacy and peace at this incredibly difficult time.' 

Born Nathan Jonas Jordison, young Joey grew up in rural Iowa and began playing drums when he was just eight years old.

He was 20 when in 1995 when he became one of the founding members of Slipknot alongside Shawn 'Clown' Crahan and Paul 'the Pig' Gray.

Pictured in 2013: His family announced in a statement quoted by Rolling Stone that he passed on in his sleep this Monday at the age of 46

Their debut album Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat. dropped on Halloween 1996 and they rose to become one of the iconic heavy metal groups.

Joey was a writer on a number of Slipknot's best-remembered songs including Gematria (The Killing Name) and My Plague.

Although the band ultimately grew to include nine members Joey, the Pig and the Clown were part of the group throughout until Paul died of an overdose in 2010.

During his later years with the band Joey suffered from a neurological condition called acute transverse myelitis that inflames the spine.

Carrying on: After he was fired from Slipknot over email in 2013 he drummed in other bands including Vimic whom he is pictured playing with in Charlotte in 2017

He wound up unable to play as his legs became useless, but eventually worked his way through enough treatment that he was able to recover.

But before his recovery the news broke in 2013 that Joey was leaving Slipknot for reasons that were original shrouded in mystery.

Joey was finally the one to break the silence, revealing that he had been fired and sharing in a 2016 interview that he received the news of his removal over email.

Apparently by his later days in the band his condition had deteriorated to the point 'I had to be carried to the stage,' he told Metal Hammer.

Ultimately in his appraisal his bandmates 'got confused about my health issues and obviously even I didn’t know what it was at first. They thought I was f***ed up on drugs, which I wasn’t at all.'

He shared: 'I’ve been through so many things with those guys and I love them very much. What’s hurtful is the way it went down was not f***ing right.'

The drummer fumed: 'No band meeting? None. Anything from management? No, nothing. All I got was a stupid f***ing email saying I was out of the band that I busted my a** my whole life to f***ing create.' 

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