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Jeremy Vine posts photo of his jeans but Twitter users can't get past his feet

Is this what TV presenter Jeremy Vine's feet really look like? Or has the shot been taken with an ultra wide-angle to produce a strong visual distortion? 

Well, whichever it is, the broadcaster's 'outsized' feet in question were not the intended subject of discussion for this Twitter post.

It was in fact the ripped jeans Jeremy is wearing in the picture that was meant to be the focal point.

Jeremy Vine was showcasing his ripped jeans on a Twitter post but it was his huge feet that grabbed the attention of social media users

Alongside the picture in a Twitter post, Jeremy wrote: 'When your work trousers are soaked, and the only spare pair you can find are the ones you hid in the office so your family never saw them'

But the patched up jeans were overshadowed by his enormous feet and got Twitter users in a frenzy over them. 

One user @McshineShiney likened the 6 foot 3 inches tall presenter's feet to that of Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons programme who is famed for his gigantic feet.

'I'm more concerned about them shoes Jeremy. Sideshow Bob is asking for them back,' he wrote. 

Others cheekily commented on the size of the 'clown shoes' being as big as a house. 

Lee using the handle @LA_71_ quipped: 'Always fancied a holiday, Can I borrow your shoes please'.

Meanwhile @robjbeech commented: 'There's an elderly lady with a large number of children with a poor, primarily liquid diet asking for their home back.'

Presenter Jeremy Vine's 'outsized' feet have become the topic of discussion for Twitter users

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