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Jeremy Kyle guest, 63, killed himself after being called 'serial liar'

The full shocking extent of Jeremy Kyle's public savaging of a depressed man found dead days after a 'humiliating' appearance on his show has emerged for the first time in a coroner's ruling seen by MailOnline.

The controversial TV host told Steve Dymond he 'would not trust him with a chocolate button' and added 'has anyone got a shovel?' said Hampshire Coroner Jason Pegg, who has seen the full tape of the untransmitted programme featuring Mr Dymond.

Seven days after the episode of ITV's the Jeremy Kyle Show was recorded last year, Mr Dymond, 63 died of a morphine overdose and a heart problem in an apparent suicide.

MailOnline has now seen the full damning text of Mr Pegg's ruling from a hearing last Friday at which he made Kyle an 'interested person' in the forthcoming inquest because his acts or omissions 'may have caused or contributed to' Mr Dymond's death.

Steve Dymond (left), 63, was said to have been left in tears and feeling suicidal after filming for Jeremy Kyle with his on-and-off girlfriend Jane Callaghan (right, with Mr Dymond)

Hampshire Coroner Jason Pegg said he had decided to make the presenter (pictured) an 'interested person' under the coroner's rules in the case of Steve Dymond

How Kyle taunted depressed Steve Dymond 

A summary of remarks Kyle made about Steve Dymond while he was filming were today revealed in a coroner's report. 

They included -  

'I would not trust him with a chocolate button' 

'Has anyone got a shovel?' 

'He's a serial liar'

But in a section of the ruling only circulated to interested parties, the coroner wrote: 'I have had the opportunity to view the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' episode featuring the deceased.

'In that footage it is apparent that Jeremy Kyle was aware that the deceased had previously been unable to appear on the 'Jeremy Kyle Show' having been diagnosed with depression for which the deceased had been prescribed antidepressant medication.

'After the lie detector results the deceased looked visibly upset. Jeremy Kyle adopted an approach where he called the deceased a 'serial liar'; that he 'would not trust him with a chocolate button'; and made a comment, 'has anyone got a shovel?'

'Carl Woolley, son of the deceased, says in his statement that his father had stated soon after the filming of the episode that, 'He had been humiliated, taken for a mug and pounced on by the presenter (Kyle)'.

'The following day the deceased told his son that he had, 'Been made out to be the baddy and that Jeremy Kyle was constantly on him. He felt embarrassed and made to feel like nothing'.

Timeline of The Jeremy Kyle Show's downfall 

'Leslie Dymond, brother of the deceased, says in his statement that the deceased called him whilst in a taxi immediately after the filming of the episode.

'During that conversation the deceased told his brother, 'He had endured a terrible time and could not go on living'.

'In subsequent conversations Leslie Dymond recalls his brother stating, 'Jeremy Kyle had been in his face and followed when he left the stage . . he was jeered and called a failure by the presenter (Kyle)'.'

The Coroner added that it would be 'ludicrous' for Kyle not to give 'his own take' at a future inquest.

Digger driver Mr Dymond from Portsmouth, failed a lie detector test on the programme when asked if he had cheated on his fiancée Jane Callaghan.

He had initially been ruled unfit to appear on the show because of his depression but after a visit to his GP on April 29 2019 was given a letter to say he was fit to appear.

After his appearance when he was booed and jeered off stage, a member of the production staff in a witness statement said Mr Dymond was in tears and had said he 'wished he was dead' before he left the studio.

When he returned home he told his landlady he had considered throwing himself from the taxi bringing him back to Portsmouth.

Steve Dymond (pictured) took his life after appearing on The Jeremy Kyle show where he failed the 'lie-detector test'

Mr Dymond's family welcomed the decision to make Kyle an 'interested person' at last week's hearing in Winchester.

In a statement from their lawyer, they said: 'Having recognised in July that Jeremy Kyle himself ought to be an Interested Person, today's confirmation that how Steve came to be on the Jeremy Kyle Show, how he was treated on it and the aftercare provided will all form part of the coroner's inquest gives us real confidence Steve's death will be fully and fearlessly investigated.'

Mr Pegg's ruling was dated July 2020 and was intended to be read at a hearing at that time which was adjourned because of technical problems and Covid.

The full inquest, to be heard next Spring or Summer, will have serious implications for 55-year-old Kyle's stalled career as his show was cancelled shortly after Mr Dymond's death in May 2019.

ITV has stood by Kyle and within three months he was reported to have been working on a pilot for another daytime TV programme, but in a different timeslot.

Mr Dymond's death added to growing scrutiny of the duty of care that reality TV shows have to participants, coming just a month after the death of former Love Island contestant Mike Thalassitis.

Sophie Gradon, another Love Island contestant, took her own life in the summer of the previous year.

Media watchdog Ofcom has recently carried out a consultation into the welfare of participants on TV and radio shows and is planning to publish a statement later this year.

For confidential support call the Samaritans in the UK on 08457 90 90 90, visit a local Samaritans branch or click here for details.  

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