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Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell 'played bizarre pranks' on guests

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell told visiting art school graduates to put false breasts in their bras at the pedophile's New Mexico ranch, one of their guests has alleged. 

Ursula Ruedenberg says Epstein and his girlfriend played a series of bizarre pranks on their guests which left them wondering: 'How far will they go?'.  

The New York Academy of Art graduate told ArtNet she went to the dinner party at the Zorro Ranch along with Epstein accuser Maria Farmer, after they were told that Epstein was a wealthy art patron who was interested in commissioning their work. 

Farmer said Maxwell, who denies involvement in Epstein's crimes, had been playing a 'light-hearted' role in order to 'normalize' the use of sexual objects. 

Pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein (left) and British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell (right, pictured together in New York in 2005) are accused of playing a bizarre sexual game 

Recalling the dinner party in 1995, Ruedenberg and Farmer say they felt 'unsettled' from the moment they arrived at the Zorro Ranch with a handful of fellow graduates.  

Ruedenberg said that Epstein and Maxwell tried to scare them by pointing out how many rattlesnakes lived on the huge ranch. 

Maxwell apparently opened a cupboard with literal skeletons in it and played a succession of pranks on her guests in a bid to 'make us feel unstable'.  

At dinner, Epstein and Maxwell allegedly told their guests to rummage in a bag containing unknown objects. 

'One was what felt like pockets of jelly; it turned out to be falsies, like you put in your bra. Then they demanded that we put them on,' Ruedenberg said. 

'I knew the commission was out the window at that very moment. I could see it was a question of how far will they go? Does this person have boundaries?'

The art graduate said Maxwell had treated her like a 'square' after she refused to take part in the alleged prank. 

Ruedenberg also described it as the 'weirdest dinner party I’ve ever been to all my life', adding she had been around many rich people in New York.  

Epstein accuser Maria Farmer (pictured) is said to have been at the dinner party along with New York Academy of Art graduate Ursula Ruedenberg

Farmer, who separately alleges that she was sexually assaulted by Epstein and Maxwell in 1996, says Maxwell's role was to 'normalize' the use of such items. 

Epstein would habitually play tricks such as this with sexual objects such as condoms, she claims.  

'[Maxwell] had a light-hearted delivery so you never felt like you're going to be kidnapped and raped. You just thought they were quirky and they love art,' Farmer said. 

Epstein hinted at interest in commissioning artworks, but no such offer ever materialized, the art students say. 

Farmer and her sister, Annie Farmer, filed a lawsuit against Epstein's estate last November.  

The secluded 8,000-acre Zorro Ranch includes an airstrip and a sprawling residence which Epstein began building in 1999. 

In a 2015 court filing in Florida, a plaintiff in a lawsuit against Epstein said she had been abused at several locations, including the New Mexico property. 

New Mexico officials have been in contact with the federal investigators in New York who brought sex-trafficking charges against Epstein last year. 

The women say went to the dinner party at Epstein's Zorro Ranch in New Mexico (pictured) after they were told that Epstein was a wealthy art patron who was interested in commissioning their work

Epstein died in a Manhattan jail on August 10 while awaiting trial on the federal charges. 

Two correctional officers responsible for watching Epstein have since been charged with lying on prison records to make it seem as though they had checked on him.  

At the time of Epstein's arrest, prosecutors said they found a trove of pictures of nude and seminude young women and girls at his $77million Manhattan mansion. 

The billionaire financier was already a convicted pedophile after he pleaded guilty in 2008 to soliciting a minor for prostitution in Florida. 

However, he was jailed for only 18 months after striking a controversial plea agreement with prosecutors which was kept secret at the time. 

In New Mexico he was allowed to avoid registering locally as a sex offender under a state law which is now being reconsidered.  

Maxwell denies allegations that she took part in abuse or helped Epstein procure underage women. 

Epstein pleaded his Fifth Amendment rights when asked about Maxwell.