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Jasmine Hartin breaks her silence, reveals Henry Jemmott was 'protecting' her  

Socialite Jasmine Hartin has broken her silence to reveal to DailyMail.com that she was the victim of an attempted rape just days before she 'accidentally' shot dead a top Belizean police officer.

In her exclusive first interview, Hartin, 32, says she confided in Superintendent Henry Jemmott - a close friend and 'protector' - after she was slammed into a wall and sexually assaulted at a party.

The mother-of-two claims Jemmott urged her to get a firearms license and was showing her how to use his Glock service pistol when it went off unexpectedly in her hands and killed him in the early hours of May 28.

Hartin, who is facing a manslaughter by negligence charge, has also launched a furious attack on her partner Andrew, the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, for allegedly refusing her access to their four-year-old twins while she waits to stand trial.

'I'm fighting for my life right now, I've lost everything and the only thing I have left is my children,' Hartin told DailyMail.com, fighting tears. 

Canadian socialite Jasmine Hartin broke her silence in an interview with DailyMail.com, revealing Belizean Superintendent Henry Jemmott (left) had been showing her how to use his gun when she accidentally shot him dead last month

Earlier this month Hartin was seen leaving the San Ignacio Police Station wearing a matching black face mask and black baseball cap, white jeans, sandals and a pale denim shirt

She was finally released after posting a bond of 30,000 Belizean dollars - equivalent to around USD$15,000

'Henry was my friend. It was an accident, I didn't flee the scene. The first thing I did was call the police myself.

'There's literally not a day that goes by when I don't cry and my frigging chest doesn't hurt and ache for his kids, for his family, for him.

'There's not a day that goes by that I don't cry for the loss of a friend and the pain the family are going through. It's something that will never leave me. Henry was a great man. He was protecting me.'

Jemmott, a father-of-five tipped as a future leader of his country's police force, was struck behind his right ear by a 9mm round.

According to a criminal complaint, the 42-year-old had been 'socializing' and drinking alone with Hartin on a secluded hotel pier in Ambergris Caye, a tropical island haven for millionaire expats.

A security guard heard a 'loud bang' at 12:45am and police arrived to find Canadian national Hartin 'covered in red substance as that of blood' and Jemmott floating dead on his back 30ft from the shore.

An expended shell casing was still lodged inside the gun which was found on the Mata Rocks Hotel pier along with a magazine, live bullets and a pool of blood.

Hartin, currently out on bail, maintains Jemmott's shooting was a freak accident rooted in a frightening attack that happened on May 22, six days before his death. 

'I was at a party the weekend before and I was going to bed when a guy got very aggressive with me,' Hartin told DailyMail.com.

Hartin tearfully described Jemmott as a 'great man' and her 'friend', who had urged her to get a firearms license after she was attacked at a party 

Jemmott, a 24-year veteran of the Belize Police Department, leaves behind five children and a partner of 14 years, described by family as his common-law wife. His funeral service was held on June 12, nearly two weeks after her was shot dead 

Hartin had to walk directly past a memorial to father-of-five Jemmott including photos, candles and bibles as she left the police station on June 9 

'He threw me onto the bed, my head smoked off a concrete wall. He was trying to kiss me and pull my pants off. I was scared I was going to be raped but I fought him off.'

Hartin says she rang Jemmott because he was a personal friend and he didn't live far from the central city of Belmopan, where the attack happened.

'I grabbed my bag and I ran out into the road and that's where I rang Henry. I waited for an hour before he could have dispatch come and pick me up. About an hour later he came to collect me,' she said.

'Henry told me, take my firearm, I want you to get comfortable with it. That whole night he said you need to learn to protect yourself, we need to get you a gun license.

'He thought I was in danger and he made me promise I wouldn't go to any parties without protection.'

Just days after their conversation, Hartin said it was the turn of Jemmott - a towering police chief nicknamed King - to confide in her.

He told her he and his fiancée Romit Wilson had broken up and he wanted to take a break in sun-bleached Ambergris Caye, where Hartin and Andrew Ashcroft operate several top hotels.

Hartin arranged for him to stay free of charge at the swank Grand Colony resort in the same apartment building where she lives with 43-year-old Andrew and their twins, Elle and Charlie.

Hartin, pictured in an Instagram post, told DailyMail.com Jemmott had informed her that he had broken up with his fiancee and wanted to take a break in Ambergris Caye, where she and her partner Andrew Ashcroft operate several top hotels

She said she arranged for Jemmott to stay free of charge at the swank Grand Colony resort in the same apartment building where she lives with Andrew and their twins - adjacent to the Alaia Belize resort (pictured) another Ashcroft venture

The pair had been hanging out at a nearby pier (pictured) when Jemmott began to teach her how to use his firearm. Hartin said she was trying to remove the magazine when the gun went off and struck Jemmott 

The plush residence is sandwiched between the Mata Rocks Hotel and the luxurious Alaia Belize resort, another Ashcroft venture where Hartin was director of lifestyle and experience and until she disappeared from promotional materials following the shooting.

'It was after a rooftop party. Andrew was there also. We got home at around 10:30pm and Henry was like, you better come and have a drink with me, I've been here since yesterday, I haven't seen you,' Hartin said.

'He's right below where I live so I go there, we are sitting on the pier. He's telling me, let's see how you can refill the clip. Then he's like, OK let's go back in.

'So I went to hand it to him and he said to take the magazine out. I tried to but it was stuck. It went off. He fell on me. I panicked, I tried to get loose from under him to try to render CPR or something.

'I didn't know what was going on. When I tried to get loose from underneath him he slipped into the water.'

Hartin insists she stayed at the pier and immediately rang a senior San Pedro police officer to say what had happened but he didn't pick up.

'Finally Andrew shows up. The police show up. Some random guy comes over and picks up the weapon,' she went on.

Hartin has also launched a furious attack on her partner Andrew, the son of British billionaire Lord Michael Ashcroft, for allegedly refusing her access to their four-year-old twins while she waits to stand trial

Earlier this week, Hartin filmed on her cell phone as she confronted Andrew at the Alaia hotel. 'Why won't you let me see the kids Andrew? Why won't you let me see the children?' she says as she chased him in the hotel kitchen

'He didn't say a word to me, he literally picked it up and I had to say, security this guy is taking evidence.

'It was frantic. It was just complete chaos. So then all of a sudden they bring me down to the police station. They tell Andrew to bring a change of clothes for me.

'I'm in the police station covered in blood. I'm having an anxiety attack. I'm freaking out. I can't believe this.'

Hartin alleges that, instead of being tested for gunshot residue the officers sanitized her hands, possibly in a misguided attempt to follow Covid precautions. They also allowed her to take a shower.

'Andrew arrived and he took my jewelry, my purse, my phone and all of my personal effects. I could see him but they wouldn't let me speak to him,' she said.

'The next day I spoke to the lawyer and he said: "I could try to get you out today but this is a big deal."

'"They think you're a privileged, rich, white girl and they're coming down hard on you so we need to have you at least stay the weekend."

'I slept the weekend on a cement floor with no pillow, no blanket, no bathroom.'

Three days later Hartin was charged with manslaughter by negligence after prosecutors opted against murder or full-fledged manslaughter on the strength of her witness statement insisting it was an accident.

The offence carries a maximum prison sentence of nine months or a fine of around 10,000 Belizean dollars ($5,000 in US money).

Instead of being released on bail, however, petite Hartin was taken on a boat to mainland Belize and spent eight days at notorious Hattieville prison, which once featured on the Netflix documentary 'Inside the World's Toughest Prisons.'

'I was told I was being taken to a holding cell in Belize City ahead of my court appearance but instead I was taken to Hattieville,' she recalled.

'When I arrived there I said, this is not right, my lawyer doesn't know I'm here, I need to make a call.

'They said sorry sweetie the phones are locked already for the day - now take your clothes off we're strip-searching you. It was horrible.'

Hartin and Ashcroft with their children in happier times at Belize's first Marriott Luxury Resort 

Hartin was released two weeks ago on bail of 30,000 Belizean dollars ($15,000) after her lawyer, Godfrey Smith, convinced a Supreme Court judge that it would 'defy logic' for her to flee the Central American country when she was facing such a mild punishment.

But instead of going home to be reunited with her kids, Hartin claims she traveled to a remote jungle compound owned by one of the family's lawyers in San Ignacio, close to the Guatemalan border.

Hartin said she waited desperately to see her twins before Andrew finally flew in with them on a helicopter for a five-hour visit.

She says her joy at finally spending time with them was cut short when he asked to speak privately and produced a manila envelope which she refused to open.

'I said Andrew if you're trying to get custody of my children right now, take it off the table. Don't even let me see that,' Hartin said, her voice cracking.

'I have lost everything and now you're trying to take my kids from me, why? And he said, "Jasmine, you need to understand. I'm under a lot of pressure".' 

She claims relations between the pair hit rock bottom Tuesday when Hartin traveled to San Pedro to see her kids only for security to block her from entering the Grand Colony.

The desperate mom filmed on her phone as she cornered her partner of seven years in a restaurant kitchen in the Alaia Hotel, repeatedly asking him: 'Why won't you let me see the kids Andrew? Why won't you let me see the children?'

'I haven't had a good relationship with Andrew for many years. We kind of kept it together for the children and for business, but this was not a loving relationship,' she told DailyMail.com.

'I didn't go there looking for a fight. I went there hoping to see my children whom I have been denied access to, and to collect my things.

'I wanted to come up with a mutual agreement with Andrew but instead I was prevented from seeing my children. I was shocked that he acted that way. I just wanted to see my babies.

'The authorities are now trying to claim that I breached my parole by behaving inappropriately. But there is nothing to say I can't see my children. There are no custody proceedings.

Hartin was moved to Belize Central Prison days after being charged with manslaughter by negligence last month

The blonde socialite was holed up in a tiny concrete cell at the stiflingly hot police and magistrates court complex in San Pedro, the tropical resort's only town. She was pictured behind bars by local media after her arrest

'I would rather go back to prison than give up fighting to see them. I will fight until I have no fight left in me.'

Andrew Ashcroft has not responded to calls and messages from DailyMail.com asking for comment.

A spokesman for Lord Michael Ashcroft, 75, a former deputy chairman and key financial backer of the UK's ruling Conservative Party, said he was unable to comment because he does not represent Andrew.

Hartin is required to check in daily with cops in San Ignacio and surrender her passport while she waits for the courts to determine her fate.

She has been staying in rented accommodation with her Canadian mother Candice Castiglione since the bust-up and claims she no longer has any security or financial assistance from the Ashcrofts.

Her legal bills have already spiraled to around $450,000 Belizean dollars ($225,000 US), Hartin claims.

However she says she can at least talk freely now about the tragic turn of events that left a close friend dead and her champagne-soaked expat life in tatters.

'I met Henry right after I moved here and he's been to my house for dinner many times,' she said.

'He was a happy-go-lucky guy, a good soul. He was a protector for all, including myself. He liked to flirt but he flirted with all the girls, we were just good friends.

'I wanted to say sorry to his family. I wanted to start a foundation in his name or put together a fund for his kids.

'But I wasn't allowed to do any of that. Instead I have to walk past his memorial each time I go to the police station in silence.

'I would like people to know that I've done a lot for the community in Belize. I do food drives, I've organized a foundation to help children but instead I'm portrayed as this horrible socialite figure.

'I feel like I'm living in a movie and I don't know what the endgame is.' 

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