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James Middleton shares adorable 'first family photo' after welcoming new puppy Nala

James Middleton has revealed an adorable 'first family photo' after welcoming his latest puppy Nala to join his pack.

The Duchess of Cambridge's brother, 33, took to Instagram yesterday to show off the snap, which showed all six of his pooches posing together. 

The entrepreneur, who has six dogs - Golden Retriever Mabel and four black Spaniels called Ella, Zulu, Inka and Luna plus Nala - commented: 'It took a while but Nala got the hang of it! It was a special moment capturing three generations together happy and healthy.'

James, who is currently in lockdown in Berkshire, has often credited his dogs with helping him through his struggle with depression.

James Middleton, 33, shared a rare snap of all six of his dogs posing together for the first time after welcoming puppy Nala to the family (pictured, centre) 

As well as the snap of the six of his dogs posing perfectly together, James also shared a video of his behind-the-scenes efforts to get the picture.

In the short video, puppy Nala could be seen racing around the rest of the dogs while they waited patiently.

The snaps come after James revealed his dog Luna had given birth to  'six healthy little pups' last week.

Sadly, he also explained that one of the pet's babies didn't survive after an emergency c-section. 

Kate Middleton's brother James is currently isolating with his fiancée Alizee Thevenet at his parent's home in Berkshire 

Sharing the snap online, he added that it had 'taken a while' to get the photo but it was 'a special moment' capturing three generations 'happy and healthy'

The animal lover shared several snaps of Luna with her puppies as well as a video showing them 'suckling away happy as can be' to his social media account today. 

He captioned the post: 'Six little friends for Nala to play with,' before explaining: 'A week ago Luna had three little pups at 5am, but we had to rush to the vets for an emergency c-section where another four pups were delivered. 

'Sadly one didn’t make it but there are six healthy little pups suckling away happy as can be. They all have lovely homes waiting for them and I will be donating all the money from the sale of the pups to @petsastherapy_uk.' 

Pets As Therapy is a national charity founded in 1983 which 'enhances health and wellbeing in the community through the visits of trusted volunteers with their behaviourally assessed animals,' according to its website.

The entrepreneur, who has credited his dogs with helping him through depression, welcomed youngest puppy Nala to his pack last month  

James, who is an ambassador for the charity, is also a volunteer with his beloved dog Ella as well as his fiancée Alizée Thevenet and his pet Golden Retriever Mabel.

James has been open about how dogs have helped him overcome mental health struggles, and last week revealed how his pets were his 'medicine', having helped him with his therapy. 

The businessman appeared on an Instagram Live on dog food Barking Heads' social media account to talk about the charity Pets As Therapy.  

James said: 'First and foremost, animals are the unsung heroes in our lives.

The entrepreneur (pictured with his pets) has been frank about his struggles with mental health in an effort to raise awareness around the topic

'From my own experiences with suffering with mental health and depression and anxiety, it was over the last three or so years that I've really discovered how much animals were actually helping me. I didn't really immediately realise. 

'Over time Ella came to all my therapy sessions and various other events and she was that person that actually I could talk to but without being judged. She was a very good listener, she distracted me from various things.

'And that's when I thought, actually there's something here and discovered Pets As Therapy and straight away managed to get an assessment and Ella was signed up not that long after.

He added: 'And ever since then... I truly believe animals are medicine and they really are incredible for our own wellbeing.' 

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