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It's harder than it looks! Women reveal the WORST things about motherhood

Women from across the world have spoken candidly about the aspects of motherhood they don't like. 

Writing anonymously on the confessions app Whisper, many admitted to struggling with not being able to do things they used to enjoy before having children.

One told how she misses going out drinking like she used to when she was 21, while others bemoaned the changes to their body after pregnancy. 

Several opened up about feeling concerned that their negative emotions could have a bad impact on their child, while one mother from California confessed she lives in constant fear of 'getting it wrong'.

Another admitted she fears 'flipping out' at her child because she never gets a minute's peace. Here FEMAIL brings you a selection of the most eye-opening admissions.

Women from around the world confessed what they deem to be the worst aspects of motherhood in an anonymous thread on Whisper, including one mother who tries to hide her emotions from her son 

A woman from Florida spoke candidly about her body insecurities after pregnancy, revealing that hers changed dramatically

A mother who lives in Arizona confessed to missing her younger years when she was able to go clubbing without feeling guilty

Another woman who lives in California said the thing she hates most about being a mother is her constant fear of getting it wrong

A woman who lives in California revealed it's a difficult to know your child's struggling and not being able to help them

One mother from California confessed motherhood can be a much more lonely experience than most people realise

Another woman who lives in Arizona vented her frustration at having her hair pulled multiple times a day by her eight-month-old baby 

A woman who lives in California said children always want what you're having to eat - and she hates having to share her food 

A mother from Denmark confessed she hates the pressure of always having to seem happy - otherwise people assume you are 'depressed' 

A mother from Utah said the worst part of motherhood is being left alone to eat a cold meal once everyone else has left the table

A woman from Pennsylvania vented the downside of having to clean up the muck created by her messy children

Writing anonymously, an introverted mother said she sometimes feels like she's on the edge because she doesn't get enough time to herself

A mother who lives in Washington confessed she's torn between losing weight or keeping it because her body has changed since having a child and she may be left with scars and excess skin if she sheds her excess pounds

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