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Insulate Britain protesters block Port of Dover

Climate-change activists have blocked the Port of Dover after a series of controversial protests on the M25 motorway.

Lorry drivers honked their horns as more than 25 protesters from Insulate Britain sat down in the middle of the road, blocking an entrance to the port at 8.30am on Friday.

Two groups have blocked the A20 at the Eastern Docks roundabout and near the junction with Union Street for the Western Docks.

Police are currently at the scene in Dover but no arrests have taken place. One officer was heard telling angry motorists “we’ve just got to go along with it” before asking them to get back in their cars and wait for the protest to finish.

Another officer asked the protesters: “How long are you expecting to be here today?”

One activist replied that they planned to remain "all day".

The officer said that police would “do our best to make sure things stay calm but if you work with me I’d really appreciate that”.

The Port of Dover told those stuck in traffic that the port remains open but the entrance is blocked.

Among the protesters is Theresa Norton, the mother of the group's spokesman, Liam Norton, who stormed off Good Morning Britain after being accused of hypocrisy over allegedly not insulating his own home.

The group claimed that 40 people who had been involved in 10 days of motorway protests were also part of the Dover blockade.

Police let an ambulance through the traffic caused by the protest.  When protesters were told, they jumped up, shouted “ambulance” and it was let through.

Two protesters climbed on top of a tanker and tied their banner to the handrail on the roof.

When asked: “is this your tanker? they replied: “It is now!”

One of the protesters on top of the tanker said their reception had been “surprisingly positive” compared to the M25 protests.

A lorry driver, leaning from his cab window, shouted: “What a bunch of idiots. What a bunch of f------ idiots”

Peter, a café worker who was stuck in traffic right in front of the protesters, said he was trying to get to work but was sympathetic to their cause.

“I admire the b---- to do what they’ve done to be honest. It’s a bit annoying for me but I’m not too bothered about it - it’s for a cause they care about.”

One nurse who was stuck in the tailback said: “I’ve just finished a night shift - I just want to go home.”

A statement from Insulate Britain quoted Winston Churchill, saying: “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, it’s also what it takes to sit down...”

Mr Norton, the group's spokesman, was mocked following his appearance on Good Morning Britain when he compared the group’s struggle to that of the former British prime minister's fight against the Nazis.

Just hours after storming off the ITV set, Mr Norton was arrested by detectives from Scotland Yard on suspicion of conspiracy to cause public nuisance.

So far over 200 protesters have been arrested over protests on the M25.

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