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Instagram star reveals genius DIY hack for cleaning jewelry

An Instagram influencer has shared the brilliant DIY hack for cleaning jewelry using just two everyday household products.

Lee Tilghman, best known as Lee From America, took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a photo of her gold jewelry soaking in an effervescent solution while the grime bubbles to the surface of the water glass. 

In her caption, she revealed the super cleaner was nothing more than a mix of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide — items that cost less than $5 combined.  

Tips: Instagram star Lee Tilghman has shared her DIY jewelry cleaning solution with her followers, revealing you just need two common household items

Look at that: Lee, best known as Lee From America, took to Instagram on Tuesday to post a photo of her gold jewelry soaking in an effervescent solution

Sharing the wealth: The influencer revealed that she 'just discovered' the homemade cleaner, which is just a mix of dish soap and hydrogen peroxide

'Unbeknownst to me I just discovered a home jewelry cleaning solution!' she wrote. 

Genius DIY jewelry cleaning solution 

  1. Add a squirt of Mrs Meyer's Dish Soap and a few tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide to a glassful of warm water
  2. Mix the solution and then add your jewelry 
  3. Watch the dirt 'fizzing' off the jewelry
  4. Remove after a few minutes 

'I used a squirt of @mrsmeyerscleanday dish soap and a few tbsp hydrogen peroxide with warm water. Watch with amazement at the jewelry excreting dirt in real life.'

Lee, who has more than 310,000 followers, added a disclaimer to ensure she wouldn't get blamed on the off chance the solution ruined someone's jewelry.  

'Check first to see if your jewelry will be safe in there with.. your jeweler or something,' she added. 'I hear baking soda and vinegar work too but I didn’t have any on hand. 

And while it's still technically winter, she ended her post with the hashtag  #springcleaning. 

Commenters were grateful for the hack, and a few were mesmerized by all the bubbles in the glass.  

Advice: Some Instagram users shared their own DIY cleaning solutions with Lee, recommending everything from backing soda to vinegar 

'Why does this remind me of the poor unfortunate souls from little mermaid,' one person joked. 

'I’ve been doing a 1:1 solution of water and hydrogen for years to clean earrings but also started recently to clean my wedding ring which is white gold. The fizzing reaction is mesmerizing,' another commented. 

Others shared their own DIY cleaners, many of which were similar to Lee's solution.  

'I just use a bit of dish soap and we water,' one person wrote. 'Soak for 20 then super a super soft tooth brush to get [any] extra stuff off. Super safe and works very well!' 

'Baking soda & vinegar does work great!!!' someone else commented. 

'Yeah I’ve always used straight vinegar and it works a charm!' another confirmed. 

When it comes to cleaning diamond rings, The Knot recommends using dish soap and water for all metal types, including gold, and silver, or a mix of hydrogen peroxide and Windex for silver and gold.