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Identical twin sister Lilian, 96, brands Boris a 'w****r' over handling of Covid crisis

One of Britain's oldest identical twins has branded Boris Johnson a 'w****r' for his handling of the pandemic after she lost her 96-year-old sibling to coronavirus.

Lilian Cox and her sister Doris Hobday, from Tipton, West Midlands, both tested positive for Covid-19 after they fell ill a few days into the New Year. 

The inseparable pair - who lived in neighbouring flats in a warden-controlled complex - were both admitted to hospital but Doris died on January 5.

Lilian did manage to speak to Doris by phone and beg her to 'fight for her life', but was left devastated weeks later when she learnt that her twin had died.

Lilian Cox and her sister Doris Hobday, from Tipton, West Midlands, both fell ill a few days into the New Year, when each tested positive for Covid-19. Doris (right) died on January 5

Lilian did manage to speak to Doris by phone and beg her to 'fight for her life', but was left devastated weeks later when he learnt that her twin had died. Pictured: Doris Hobday with her husband Ray

Tragically just two days later her vaccine appointment letter arrived in the post.

'These things happen for a reason but it's not fair. We came into the world together,' Lilian told the Sunday People.

'She was two hours older than me and we shared everything. She wasn't just my sister, she was my best friend.'

The blow has left the nonagenarian 'in shock' but also angry at Prime Minister Boris Johnson's handling of the pandemic.

Lilian said that if the nationwide lockdown had been enforced earlier, 'then there would not have been half as many deaths'.

The blow has left the nonagenarian 'in shock' but also angry at Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his handling of the pandemic

She added: 'The nurses and doctors were fantastic but Boris is a bloody w*****.'

Her treatment for coronavirus was the first time Doris, who had no children, had ever been admitted to hospital.

The family added that Lilian had endured the 'fight of her life' for two weeks but recovered enough to be discharged, when she was strong enough to be told of her sister's death.

The sisters were close throughout their lives and lived in Tipton for 94 years. Lilian had five children but raised them mainly as a single mum. She has 13 grandchildren and 19 great grandchildren.

These included one appearance on Good Morning Britain early in the pandemic where Lilian told host Piers Morgan their longevity was down to 'plenty of sex'.

In a statement, relatives of the sisters - dubbed the Tipton Twins after the Black Country town where they lived for nearly all of their lives - said they were 'totally heartbroken to lose Doris in this way'.

Urging anyone who is offered a coronavirus vaccine to take up the opportunity, it continued: 'We are aware they are both 96 years old and we have been so lucky to have them in our lives for such a long time but they were both still going strong before this virus got them and both were determined to live until 100.

'Doris was only a few weeks away from being safe! With her vaccine letter arriving two days after her death... if you are offered the vaccine please take it, do not refuse it... Doris didn't get this choice!'

Lilian's granddaughter Kerry Clarke, 35, said her grandmother was 'in shock' over her sibling's death.

'She can't believe it because she's okay and Doris didn't make it,' Mrs Clarke told the Mirror. 'It's heartbreaking, she keeps looking up at the sky.'

Mrs Clarke, from Hagley, Worcestershire, appealed for the public to have a blood finger oximeter in their home, saying the family didn't realise until Doris was admitted to hospital that her oxygen levels were deteriorating.

'If Doris had gone into hospital a week before she might have had a chance,' she added. 

The sisters have lived next door to each other ever since and were stunned to have contracted the virus as they had shielded at home over the Christmas period.

Over the last 18 months, their Facebook page has charted the twins' adventures which have included a helicopter ride over their home town, filming a social media promotional video for their favourite supermarket and a chauffeur-driven trip around Leeds following a Channel 4 television appearance.

In October, during an easing of coronavirus restrictions, the pair were even pictured taking part in a yoga class - boasting that they could still touch their toes. 

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