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'I'm sorry Tom, please forgive me': Mysterious sign appears over A127

Whatever they have done to upset him, someone is very keen to apologise to 'Tom'.

And the mystery person has gone to drastic measures by putting up a banner on a major roundabout in Rayleigh, Essex, saying: 'I'm sorry Tom, please forgive me xxx.'

The message on the busy Rayleigh Weir junction over the A127 is believed to have first appeared last Friday – and has left locals wondering who 'Tom' could be.

A mystery person has gone to drastic measures to apologise to someone by putting up a banner on a roundabout in Rayleigh, Essex, saying: 'I'm sorry Tom, please forgive me xxx'

Dozens of people have been discussing the black and white banner on the Facebook groups Secret Rayleigh Gossip and Your Southend after pictures were shared online.

One social media user joked it was 'probably Jerry, he's always upsetting Tom', while another made a David Bowie reference, saying: 'It's a message from ground control.'

A third user pointed out: 'I hope whoever upset Tom wasn't apologising for poor punctuation, because that banner would be more of a second insult.'

One said: 'I drove past this the other day. Thought my wife had had an affair!' And another added: 'I'll have a guess, Tom found his wife with the milkman!'

And one referred to diver Tom Daley, saying: 'OK, it was me! I'm guilty of this! I didn't think Tom would win gold and I got it wrong so felt the need to apologise.'

The sign was put up next to a set of traffic lights on the roundabout, next to a poster advertising the Motorfest car show event in Chelmsford this September.

And one social media user said: 'I can only assume she went to Motorfest without him and he was p***ed about it.'

Rayleigh Weir is a major roundabout above the A127 Southend Arterial Road which runs through Essex from Southend-on-Sea to Romford.

** Did you put up the banner? Are you Tom? Please email: [email protected] ** 

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