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Husky howls in protest in Bristol home over sweetie standoff

This is the hilarious moment a stubborn husky refused to return downstairs until his owner offered him a suitable bribe. 

Sophie Ewan, 27, from Bristol was trying to entice her husky Rex down from the first floor, only for the large dog to howl in protest. 

For more than 20 seconds, the dog rebuffed Ms Ewan's entreaties, responding each time with a howl that sounded remarkably like a human 'nooooo'. 

Rex the husky, pictured, refused to come downstairs despite being called by his owner Sophie Ewan. Instead the recalcitrant dog howled in protest 

The husky, pictured, often ignores instructions unless he is being bribed with a sweet

Ms Ewan and a friend try and convince the husky that upstairs was 'too hot', but the dog ignored the advice.  

Instead, he continued to howl until Ms Ewan decided that bribery was the most effective approach in dealing with a recalcitrant pet. 

When offered a sweetie, Rex suddenly becomes silent. When Ms Ewan repeats the offer, Rex deliberates for eight seconds before bounding down the steps in search for his reward. 

A second clip showed Rex again standing at the top of the stairs refusing to move 

'I need you to come down stairs. How long are we going to have this conversation for?'

At one stage Ms Ewan growls 'downstairs' at her dog before starting to giggle.

Sounding exasperated, she shout's 'come on' which prompts the dog to move and her to respond 'oh, dear' after the dog releases a mournful growl.

When Ms Ewan offers the dog a treat, he contemplated the situation for about eight seconds

He then bounded down the steps towards his owner so he can receive his reward 

Ms Ewan said: 'We have always had baby gates on the stairs and he somehow managed to sneak through and go upstairs because he likes to be naughty.

'He used to be more stubborn so the only way to get him down was to bribe him with sweeties!

'He has the tantrum whenever he has to come down. He especially doesn’t like being told to get off the bed.

'Rex is an absolute sweetheart, not an aggressive bone in his body. 

'Rex can be stubborn, he does mostly the opposite of everything you say.'

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