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Huge crowd of maskless 'travellers' outside Harrods on first weekend of shops reopening

A huge crowd of maskless young people gathered outside Harrods yesterday, blocking a street and forcing police to step in.

Footage shows hundreds of people outside the luxury department store in West London drinking and standing in groups of more than six.

Almost none of them appeared to be sticking to social distancing rules or wearing face masks despite being crowded together.

It follows a similar incident outside Harrods in December last year where four people were arrested when a huge crowd attempted to make its way into the store.  

One passerby commented: 'This is at Harrods in London! So many people without masks just standing outside in a massive crowd?

'They’re definitely not from London they have traveled from another city.' 

Footage shows hundreds of people outside the Harrods department store in West London drinking and standing in groups of more than six

Several people in the area have suggested that the young people are members of the traveller community who 'overran' the store last year.

The crowd last year was similarly made up of hundreds of young people not wearing masks or paying attention to social distancing.

Many of those in the group appeared to be heavily made up, looking as though they were heading for a night out on the town.

The scene were similar to an incident in December 2020 when hundreds of young people attempted to enter Harrods on a Saturday night and crowded together in the streets outside

Police were called and made four arrests for affray and Covid rule breaches 

Met Police were called to the store just after 1pm on December 5 and four arrests were made for affray and Covid rule breaches and the crowd later dispersed.

Since the restriction easing on March 29 people have been allowed to gather in groups of six, and from April 12 the 'stay local' rule has been lifted.

Harrods and Met Police have been approached for a comment.

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