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How Trump's top campaign lawyer Justin Clark screamed at Giuliani for accusing him of 'lying'

Donald Trump's top campaign lawyer Justin Clark called Rudy Giuliani a 'f***ing a**hole' during a vicious Oval Office phone call with the president after Trump lost the 2020 election.

According to Michael C.Bender in Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, in an excerpt exclusively by DailyMail.com, Giuliani accused Clark and campaign manager Bill Stepien of 'lying' about the Georgia recount rules. 

The heated conversation discussing how the campaign would deal with their allegations of voter fraud led to Trump not trusting Clark and instead believing Giuliani, who was at the center of pushing the wild theories. 

Donald Trump's top campaign lawyer Justin Clark

'Less than a week after 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien and Justin Clark, the campaign's top attorney, had walked Trump through their legal plan, Giuliani was blowing it up—and pushing his way further into the Oval Office,' it reads.

'On November 13, Trump summoned Clark into the Oval Office as Giuliani, on speakerphone, claimed the campaign had been too slow to contest election results in Georgia. 

'Clark explained that state law required results to be certified before a recount could be requested, which hadn't yet happened. '

"'They're lying to you, sir!'" Giuliani shouted. Clark denied anyone was lying. 

'Suddenly, the two men were shouting loud enough that it startled people waiting outside the Oval Office. 

'You're a f***ing a**hole, Rudy!' Clark said. Clark had been the campaign's top attorney for the past year. 

'He'd spent most of 2019 in the weeds of state and national party rulebooks ensuring that it was virtually impossible for any Republican to challenge Trump in a primary. 

'During Trump's first two years, he ground out long hours as a White House aide. 

'Now, after one phone call from Giuliani, the president was entertaining nonsensical attacks on his ability to read Georgia election code and to give an honest answer to a simple question to the president he'd spent four years trying to reelect. 

'Clark stopped going to the White House.'

Rudy Giuliani served as Trump's private attorney 

Michael C.Bender's book 'Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost' is out July 13

 Giuliani took the lead for Trump in denouncing the 2020 election results and arguing - without proof - there was voter fraud. 

Those claims led to Thursday's decision by New York state to suspended Giuliani's legal license for 'false and misleading statements' based on pushed on Donald Trump's election fraud claims. 

'[W]e conclude that there is uncontroverted evidence that respondent communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former President Donald J. Trump and the Trump campaign in connection with Trump's failed effort at reelection in 2020,' the 33-page decision from the state appellate court read. 

The court said Giuliani made numerous false statements about the voting in Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania, including that hundreds of thousands of absentee ballots or votes, including from dead people, had been improperly counted. 

He argued the vote was riddled with fraud and claimed voting machines had been rigged in favor of Joe Biden.

'We find that there is evidence of continuing misconduct, the underlying offense is incredibly serious, and the uncontroverted misconduct in itself will likely result in substantial permanent sanctions', the court said.  

Giuliani's son Andrew, who is running for governor of New York in 2022, responded in a Twitter video to the suspension. 'This is unacceptable and I stand by my father. He did everything ultimately by the book,' he said

Giuliani's son Andrew, a Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York's 2022 race, said his father 'did everything by the book' is a response to the suspension on Twitter Thursday.

'Earlier this hour, 5 Leftist judges decided to suspend my [father's] law license,' he lamented on Twitter along with a video statement.

'The five judges that ruled on it… all five of them are Democrats, three of which were appointed by Andrew Cuomo. Five to nothing, ultimately. Democrats with zero Republicans on there,' the junior Giuliani said in the video attached to the tweet.

'Again, this is just unbelievable to see just how politicized all this has become. I am infuriated by all of this,' Andrew Giuliani continued. 'And any American that believes in an independent justice system – this is going after one of President Trump's closest allies. That's exactly what this is. And any American that doesn't believe that – they are just biased.'

'This is unacceptable and I stand by my father. He did everything ultimately by the book.'

Rudy Giuliani was admitted to the state bar in New York in 1969 and had a prominent legal career before joining Trump's team – including working in the Justice Department under Ronald Reagan.

He was named U.S. Attorney in Manhattan in 1983 where he remained through 1989 before running and becoming Mayor of New York City

The New York Bar Association announced January 11, 2021 that it was launching an investigation into whether Giuliani's membership should be revoked, noting his comments on January 6 to a crowd of Trump supporters before they stormed the Capitol.

Bender's forthcoming book also reveals Trump mocked Giuliani for falling asleep in meetings and calling him 'pathetic' after the former mayor's television appearances.

Giuliani 'rarely complained' and, instead, 'seemed to crave the attention,' according to Michael C.Bender in his new book Frankly, We Did Win This Election: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost, in an excerpt exclusively by DailyMail.com. The book is out on July 13.

In the 432-page book, that details Trump's life in the White House Bender reveals details of the president's relationship with his personal lawyer. 

Trump 'would needle the former mayor for falling asleep on flights and joke about Giuliani's constant use of his iPad,' Bender reveals.

'He's looking at cartoons,' Trump would say. 

For his part, Giuliani 'seemed to crave the attention and would often physically jockey with other aides and advisers to sit next to Trump at dinner or on the plane.'

'Rudy never wanted to be left out,' one 2016 aide said in the book. 'If you were ever between Rudy and the president, look out. You were going to get trampled.'

Trump wasn't always happy with Giuliani, who was willing to go on television at any time to defend the president.

After the release of the now-infamous 'Access Hollywood' tape in the 2016 campaign - where Trump is heard making derogatory comments about women - Giuliani was the only surrogate willing to go on the Sunday morning public affairs shows to defend Trump.

Trump was not grateful. 

After the appearances, Giuliani went to  LaGuardia Airport, where Trump was waiting on his plane to fly to St. Louis for his second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton. 

'When Giuliani climbed up the stairs, he was greeted with huzzahs and high-fives'  from Trump's aides Hope Hicks, David Bossie, and Stephen Miller. 

When Giuliani walked to the front of the plane, 'Trump barely looked up from his newspaper. 'Rudy, you sucked,' Trump said. 'You were weak.' Giuliani looked like he'd simultaneously had the wind knocked out of him and taken a kick to the groin. 'What the fuck do you want me to do?' Giuliani said,' according to the book. 

But, at other times, Trump showed his gratitude to Giuliani for his willingness to take the punches.  

During one 2017 staff meeting, 'Trump's team started complaining about Giuliani's puzzling television appearances that often veered off-message and created more work for the press shop. Trump barked that at least Giuliani was out there fighting for him. Everyone shut up after that.'

Donald Trump enjoyed tormenting Rudy Giuliani, according to a new book that offers details on the two men's relationship

Trump sometimes mocked Rudy Giuliani for his TV appearances but, at other times, would express gratitude to the former mayor for his willingness to defend the president

Giuliani, however, was overly confident in his relationship with Trump. The two men knew each other for years when both were making names for themselves on the New York scene - Rudy as a hard-talking, tough prosecutor and Trump as a real estate mogul.

After the election, Giuliani was 'eager for an administration post and assumed he would get one. He privately told friends that he was a lock to be named secretary of state and publicly told reporters that he was being considered for several positions but wouldn't say which ones.'

He was under consideration but the vetting process 'set off alarm bells.'

For example, Giuliani told aides he hadn't been to the Middle East in more than a year. It turns out he had been to the United Arab Emirates a month earlier. 

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