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Hilarious social media posts reveal the exact moment people realised they were dating a fool

Embarrassing yourself in front of your significant other is bad enough... but these people's stupidity was so awful that they went viral on social media.

Diply rounded up a selection of hilarious posts from people around the world who were left baffled by their significant other's lack of common sense. 

Among the snaps is a man who thought he had revolutionised baking when he used a whisk attached to an electric drill to whip cream, and another who was stunned to see their spare charcoal destroyed after being stored under their hot barbecue.

Elsewhere, a disgruntled diner discovered a sheet of paper still attached to their sliced cheese after biting into a sandwich made by their partner.

Diply rounded up a selection of hilarious posts from people who noticed their partner's stupidity - including a man who thought using an electric drill to whisk cream was revolutionary 

One woman who is believed to be from the US, was left unimpressed when her boyfriend dressed up as Caesar salad dressing on Halloween 

Bringing to a boil! Another woman was shocked when her 21-year-old boyfriend failed to make his first ever pot of coffee 

One person snapped a photograph of their partner's commitment to not changing the toilet tissue in their bathroom 

Something's not connecting! A man was amused to see his wife destroy her new USB cable while removing its packaging 

Leaves a bad taste: One person discovered a piece of paper still attached to the sliced cheese in a sandwich made by their partner 

Another individual didn't notice the plastic packaging still attached to their iron until they could smell burning 

Feeling the burn! A man who placed his spare charcoal underneath his hot barbecue raised cooking temperatures more than he hoped for

One woman admitted she's unsure how to tell her boyfriend that the jar of shells he gifted her from Florida are pistachio shells 

Another woman who asked her boyfriend to bring her some make-up remover, thanked him for trying after he brought her nail polish remover 

How long is a piece of string? A woman who asked her husband to buy 'some tortillas' was left speechless when he bought 40 

One man was shocked by his girlfriend's stupidity when she questioned him about the 'no' switch on an electric blanket 

Another individual was amused when their girlfriend added a spice rack to the cupboard without thinking it through 

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