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Hilarious snaps reveal the cheeky responses brands have given to rude people on Twitter

Social media seems to be the perfect arena for complaints and comparing companies - but not every brand can muster a polite response, with some offering up a more curt reply.  

As these photos prove, some brands relish a little banter with their unprompted critics  

From a restaurant chain arguing with a football club to an American confectionery company furious about people being advised to bake their signature snacks themselves, AmoMedia have rounded up hilarious comebacks from big brands posted on Twitter.

Among the amusing images is Tesco Mobile telling a woman her friends are ignoring her, after she laughed at people who use the service and have it mentioned on their voicemail. 

Elsewhere, Royal Mail asked a Twitter user for the date that 'their mum' posted a Valentine's Day card after they offered a smart comment.   

AmoMedia has rounded up hilarious viral tweets from around the world that show big brands being cheeky on Twitter - including Pizza Hut telling Leeds United that they haven't delivered as a football club since 1992, when they won the league 

Don't redial! A woman who laughed at those who use Tesco Mobile, was left embarrassed when the service provider tweeted she's being ignored by her friends if she's hearing the brand's voicemail recording

One man blasted Royal Mail for not delivering his Valentine's Day card, however the tweet went viral when the postal service asked for the date it was posted by 'your mum'

Another man who asked Toyota why they didn't make an appearance on a Need For Speed game, was shocked when the gaming company labelled Toyota nerds

Fed up with being tagged in recipes, Moon Pie urged a Twitter user to buy their product instead of making the snack themselves 

Burn! A Twitter user who asked Wendy's to comment on their competitors burgers went viral, after the American restaurant made a sassy post saying they struggle to make pancakes

One Twitter user decided to mock the person running the Moon Pie account, however the cheeky individual argued they should have something better to do on a Saturday night 

American snack food provider Mr Peanut, responded to Burger King's coded tweet comparing it to millennial slang 

No spoilers here! A man who complained about being unable to find Armageddon on Netflix, was left speechless when the streaming service accused him of ruining the film for everyone

Microsoft hit back after a gamer rudely asked the brand if it would improve the Xbox 

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