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Hilarious snaps capture the STRANGEST things spotted in airports

Waiting in the departure lounge to board your flight can be both lengthy and boring, but these photos prove that airports are sometimes filled with unexpected surprises. 

Domesticated Companion has rounded up a selection of photographs from around the world which illustrate some of the strangest things passengers have ever seen in an airport.

Among the most bizarre spots include a man dressed as Santa Claus walking through the security checks, and a passenger sleeping on the moving escalator. 

Another amusing image shows a man reading a book which he's holding in one hand, while balancing his friend upside down on his other. 

Domesticated Companion has rounded up a selection of photographs from around the world of amusing things people have spotted in airports - including a man sleeping on a moving escalator (pictured)

Off to the North Pole! A man was spotted walking through airport security checks at an airport in the US dressed up as Santa Claus

A pilot, believed to be from the US, welcomed a Golden Retriever in the cockpit as his co-pilot - complete with uniform 

No long goodbyes! Aalborg Airport in Denmark doesn't mind a quick peck on the cheek, but doesn't approve of lingering PDAs 

Who needs a hotel? A viral photograph captured the moment passengers, from an unknown location, covered themselves with blankets and towels for an undisturbed sleep 

Supportive friend? The traveller who arrived in Detroit to see their loved one holding up this congratulatory sign might have wanted to turn around and get back on the plane

Another viral photograph shows a line of passengers queuing at a check-in desk, unaware that the employee is busy playing a game on their computer 

Journey going swimmingly! Passengers at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport in Mississippi were left baffled by the illusion of people swimming underneath a baggage carousel 

One bizarre viral photo, believed to be taken in Vietnam, appears to a show a man laying on a moving escalator while others balance on top in rather strange positions 

Such troopers! A group of friends at Denver International Airport made sure their friend had a warm welcome home by donning Star Wars costumes 

Trendsetter! Another photograph, shared by a Twitter user in Colombia, captured the moment a passenger showed up wearing a head-to-toe pink ensemble

Maybe get a taxi next time! A motorbike passenger in South Africa decided to drag his wheelie suitcase alongside him on the way to the airport 

A woman was photographed with her body slid underneath chair handles in the hope of getting a more comfortable sleep