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Hilarious gallery reveals the VERY creative ways students have been caught cheating on exams

This amusing gallery reveals some students will stop at nothing to graduate with the best grades.

Spotlight rounded up a selection of photographs from around the world that capture the ingenious ways students have devised for cheating in exams.

Among the amusing images is a student who managed to disguise their mobile phone inside a calculator and another who covered her fingernails in maths calculations.

Elsewhere, is a snap that will make you take a second look as it shows a boy using his phone under the desk, while seeming to have his arm next to his exam paper.

Spotlight rounded up a selection of viral images that show students being caught cheating in exams - including a woman who covered her fingernails in maths calculations 

Don't ring! A student managed to hide their mobile phone inside their calculator to access the internet throughout their exam  

One man could've been mistaken for paying attention to his exam, however an eagle-eyed moderator spotted the student using his phone under the desk

Another individual penned notes and calculations they would need in their exams on a tissue that was folded up in their pocket

Bright idea! A student who wrote a note in invisible ink was caught cheating when the examiner shined a blue light on the paper 

One person was so determined to pass their exam that they carved a series of maths calculations into the bottom of their shoe 

Another individual turned the answers to the questions in their exam into the dietary information on the label of their drink  

No injuries! A student who was worried they might forget an answer on their exam decided to hide the information underneath a plaster 

Two women took to social media after their exam, revealing that they had stuck answers and important information to remember under their skirts 

Another student folded a note with information to remember on their exam around the ink cartridge in their pen

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