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Hero McDonalds customer disarmed man holding a knife to a worker's throat

A heroic McDonald's customer helped disarm a man holding a knife to a restaurant worker's throat and threatening to kill her. 

Josh Ramm, a 28-year-old security guard from Bolton, Lancashire, was sat in his car eating a Big Mac and witnessed McDonald workers rushing out of the fast-food restaurant in Bredbury, Stockport, on Wednesday. 

Concerned about what may have been happening inside, Josh, who was already wearing stab vest, rushed in, The Sun reports. 

Josh Ramm, a 28-year-old security guard from Bolton, Lancashire, helped disarm a man who was threatening a McDonald's worker with a knife in Bredbury, Stockport, on Wednesday

There was a large police presence at the McDonald's after the incident took place, which saw Josh talk the man with a knife into releasing the female worker

There he heard worker Holly Harrison Jowett screaming in the drive-thru part of the restaurant.

The father of two described seeing the man holding the knife to Holly and saying he 'wanted to kill her because he wasn't getting any help.'

Josh, a judo expert, said: 'It was a very intense situation but I just tried to connect with him.'

Within a few minutes police officers arrived but they let the security guard carry on talking to the man - resulting in a ten-minute discussion before he finally released Holly. 

The 28-year-old father of two was already wearing a stab vest when he ran into the restaurant to help

Once he had let her go Josh bear hugged the 24-year-old man while the police put handcuffs on him. 

He was later detained under the Mental Health Act.  

Rescued worker Holly said: 'Josh risked his own life for a total stranger.' 

Taking to Facebook, Josh said: 'I have had a little time to reflect on what happened and what I did yesterday. 

'I didn’t have to put my life on the line and I didn’t know what I was walking into other than being told there a man with a knife threatening people. 

Greater Manchester Stockport Police have praised Josh for his bravery and said he helped to stop anyone getting hurt

'When I saw the girl in question with a knife to her throat all I could see was my daughter and I knew from then I had to help her and I was ready to put my life on the line if I had to, there was no way I was backing out and if I got hurt I got hurt but I stood there and did my best which worked.'

After the incident, Greater Manchester Stockport CID praised Josh for his bravery and said his actions helped prevent anyone being hurt. 

The restaurant was cordoned off for several hours after as officers conducted investigations.  

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