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Hermes courier lives up to his job title as he helps woman give birth during his rounds 

A delivery man lived up to his job title when he helped a screaming woman give birth during his round. 

Perry Ryan, 29, was delivering a Hermes package when he heard an 'awful noise which sounded like someone was being murdered'.

The delivery driver had 'no idea what he was doing' but had to help 30-year-old Khan Shoker, whose waters had broken near the front door of the house in Waterlooville, Hampshire. 

The new mother's husband, Schar Shoker, got back from a trip to the shops just in time for his baby daughter Bella's arrival with Mr Ryan relaying instructions from a midwife on the phone. 

After helping deliver the baby and paramedics had arrived to take over, Mr Ryan said he was so 'shaken' by that morning's events he missed some of his afternoon slots. 

Perry Ryan, 29, was delivering a Hermes package when he heard Khan Shoker in labour at home in Waterlooville, Hampshire (Pictured: Mr Ryan holding Bella, the baby he helped to deliver)

Recounting the tale, the former footballer said: 'Mrs Shoker couldn't speak very good English but then I heard her say "baby, baby, baby". 

'I then realised what was happening and shouted through the letterbox and called 999. I was trying to keep her calm and reassure her.' 

A few minutes later, 31-year-old Mr Shoker rushed back from the shops after getting a call from his partner. 

Mr Shoker was 'shocked' to find her in the final throes of labour in the doorway of their ground floor bedroom after he opened the front door. 

Mr Ryan, who was a youth player with Portsmouth FC, continued: 'He turned up and didn't know what he was doing either. He was more shocked than me. 

'He didn't speak very good English either but I started directing him what to do from the instructions I was being given on the phone - while trying to respect her privacy. 

'The mum's legs were close to the [bedroom] door and I could start to see the baby before the dad pulled her out.

'The baby was crying which I was told was good news. The dad was about to pull the umbilical cord so I told him not to touch it.  

Baby Bella (pictured) was born at full-term and was then taken to nearby Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth

'He was amazing though. But it was a good job I was there otherwise he might have struggled on his own. The midwife on the phone was brilliant too. I think they found it funny. 

'I was shaking — it was mad what happened. I had to sit down for five minutes after it all as I was in shock. I missed some of my delivery slots as a result. 

'I don't know what would have happened if things had started to go wrong. Neither of us had a clue what we were doing. 

'I certainly didn't expect that when I turned up to work, it was crazy.'

Mr Shoker, who moved to Britain from Iraq in 2006, said: 'I was on the phone to the hospital for nearly 15 minutes - they said, "go home and bring her to the hospital". 

'When I got home, I recognised Perry — he usually delivers quite a lot of stuff from eBay and Amazon to us. We have said "thank you" and we want to get him a gift after we find out what he would like.' 

Baby Bella was born at full-term and was then taken to nearby Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth. 

Mrs Shoker said: 'He did such a good thing and I really appreciate it. 

'He couldn't come in at first because the door was locked but it was good for me to know someone was behind the door. It was very helpful for me. It was good timing for him to be there.'   

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