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Herman Cain taunts Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from beyond the grave

Herman Cain has taunted Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from beyond the grave after he tweeted about their 'completely nuts' campaign - two weeks after he died from coronavirus.  

The one-time Republican presidential candidate and ardent Trump supporter, posthumously tweeted on Wednesday, a day after Biden selected Harris as his running mate. 

'Just in case you thought Biden's candidacy was going to be anything other than completely nuts, team Trump has released a new video,' the tweet reads. 

Cain died in late July from complications associated to the coronavirus. He was 74 years old.   

In this 9 February, 2012 file photo, former presidential candidate Herman Cain addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington

Herman Cain's Twitter account sends out a tweet taunting Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris, two weeks after his death from coronavirus

Cain had been ill with the virus for several weeks. It's not clear when or where he was infected, but he was hospitalized less than two weeks after attending Trump's campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 20. Cain had been co-chair of Black Voices for Trump.

A photo taken at the rally showed Cain, without a mask, sitting closely to other people who also were not wearing any face coverings. 

A statement on his Twitter account said he tested positive for COVID on June 29 and was hospitalized July 1 because his symptoms were serious.

After his death, his social media team, which includes his daughter Melanie Cain Gallo, have previously said they would continue to tweet from Cain's account 

His social media and website team - including his daughter, Melanie Cain Gallo - announced that they would continue tweeting 'ideas he believed in' from Mr Cain's account.

'We've decided here at Cain HQ that we will go on using this platform to share the information and ideas he believed in.

'He often talked about the site going on once he was ready to step away from it. 

'We had hoped he could enjoy reading it in his retirement, but he made it clear he wanted to go on,' Ms Gallo said. 

'Herman had an incredible career and was adored by everyone that ever met him, especially me,' Trump said on Twitter shortly after he died. 'He was a very special man, an American Patriot, and great friend.'

Donald Trump pays tribute to 'my friend Herman Cain' as former GOP presidential candidate dies from COVID-19 as he was hospitalized for days after going to a Tulsa rally

Cain briefly rose to the top of polls during the 2012 race for the Republican presidential nomination by highlighting a plan to simplify the tax code.

A longtime Republican, Cain was 'a fierce advocate for conservative principles across the board,' Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina tweeted.

But Alexander said the stories about Cain that often went untold by the media involved what he did in his private life to help others have the same opportunities that he had.

He donated time and money to people evicted from their homes, and those addicted to drugs and alcohol, Alexander said. He mentored young people and worked to end hunger, he said. 

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