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Heartwarming video shows 10-year-old girl reuniting with her sisters for the first time in a YEAR

A 10-year-old girl was reunited with her two sisters for the first time in a year after the COVID-19 pandemic derailed their annual cross-country visit. 

Kodi Gonzales lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, with her mother Frankie Gould, her stepfather Justin, and her brother Liam during the school year, while the other half of her family is based in California. 

Every summer, she flies to the West Coast to stay with her dad Sammy, her stepmother Tina, and her two sisters Lilli, 12, and Stassi, seven, but last year's trip was canceled due to COVID-19, Happily reported. 

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Aww! Kodi Gonzales, 10, from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, cried tears of joy when she was reunited with her dad Sammy, her stepmom Tina, and her sisters Lilli and Stassi on May 27

Excited: Kodi wasn't able to visit her the other half of her family in California last summer due to the pandemic. Her dad surprised her by picking her  up from baseball practice 

Stunned: She didn't realized her stepmother and sisters traveled with her father, and she started jumping up  and down when she  saw them 

Her father, stepmother, and siblings tried to plan surprise visits to see her in Pittsburg, but they all fell through because increases in COVID-19 cases halting travel. 

The last time they all saw each other was on Memorial Day in 2020.

Kodi was hoping she would be able to book a flight to California this summer, but her family decided to secretly come to Pittsburg instead. 

When her father first surprised her by picking her from baseball practice on May  27, she had no idea that her stepmother and siblings had come with him.    

Sisterly love: Kodi was crying tears of joy when she ran over to Lilli and Stassi to give them a big hug

Catching every moment: Kodi's mom and stepmother Tina (pictured) filmed the reunion from different angles

They were missed! It was the first time Kodi had seen her sisters in a year

Hard to handle: 'I could feel her pain of missing her Cali family in that moment,' Kodi's mom Frankie said of her emotional reaction to the surprise 

A heartwarming video of the family reunion shows Kodi walking into her backyard, excitedly yelling, 'I knew it!' to her mom Frankie. 

But as soon as she sees her sisters, she starts screaming and jumping up and down. Both Kodi's mom and stepmother filmed the reunion from different angles. 

Kodi is crying tears of joy when she runs over to Lilli and Stassi to give them a big hug. They are huddled on the floor of the back deck when Tina joins them. 

'I was so surprised with her reaction,' Kodi's mom Frankie told Happily. 'It melted and broke my heart at the same time. I could feel her pain of missing her Cali family in that moment. 

'She was so happy she fell to her knees and could hardly breathe,' she added. 'I was in tears watching it unfold. Her sisters and Tina hugging her so tight was so heartwarming.'

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