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Heartbroken daughter blasts woman, 32, who used her dead mother's bank card to buy a McDonald's

A heart broken daughter has condemned the woman who used her dead mother's bank cards to buy a Mcdonald's meal as 'not human'.

Terrilee Yates, 32, found the dead body of her father's partner Jane Godfrey at her home in Swinton, Greater Manchester in March last year.

She then took her cards to withdraw £300 in cash, buy herself a McDonald's meal and purchased scratch cards worth £14.50.  

Jane's daughter Sadie Bird said: 'It's something you don't even see in horror films.

Terrilee Yates, 32, pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud by false representation after taking bank cards belonging to Jane Godfrey after finding her dead

'I'd not been able to get hold of my mum for a few days and Terrilee messaged me herself saying for me to ring her dad regarding my mum.

'He said mum had passed away. I thought he was joking, I said 'don't be silly'. He said that Terrilee had found her.

'I went round and her house looked like it had been rifled through, her bank statements were everywhere, her bag was empty, her purse was empty, there was no laptop.

'I mentioned to the police that I couldn't find any of her bank cards. They did their checks and found that it was Terrilee who had taken the card and gone to the petrol station and McDonalds.' 

Yates was handed an 18 month community order this week after pleading guilty to four counts of fraud by false representation. 

Terrilee was handed an 18 month community order and told to complete a 12 month drug rehabilitation programme

She was also ordered to complete a 12 month drug rehabilitation programme and do a month of rehabilitation activity.

Sadie said she was disappointed with the outcome as she expecting a prison sentence. 

She said: 'My mum didn't deserve this. I'm not saying my mum was a saint, nobody is, but she didn't deserve for her to do that to her.

'If she wanted money she could have got money, but for her to just leave her there? I don't understand.

'I couldn't even have a proper funeral because of Covid, nobody was allowed to come. 

'Terrilee didn't get to see all that, she just carried on, she was out living her life. It's killed me. I don't feel like I've got justice.

'If she does be good and gets clean, she can move on with her life - she shouldn't get that opportunity.  

Terrilee was described as 'not human' by Jane's heartbroken daughter Sadie. She said her mum would have 'done anything for anyone' and that Yates took advantage of her

'My mum put a roof over her head, food on the table, she did her best for her. She's scum, she's not human.'

She went on to add that her mother had a 'heart of gold' and described her as bubbly, cocky, loud and funny.

She added: 'She would do anything for anyone, even a stranger, and she [Yates] took advantage of her.'

Yates initially claimed Jane had given her permission to take the money before pleading guilty. 

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