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Gym goers share the very funny scenes they witnessed at the gym

Motivating yourself to go to the gym can sometimes require just as much effort as the workout itself, but if every exercise space was this entertaining you can guarantee the treadmills would be full every day. 

Gymgoers have shared hilarious and unexpected scenes they spotted during their workouts on the American trivia website Domesticated Companion, including women enjoying cocktails or reading the paper instead of working up a sweat. 

Others went for the opposite approach by wearing costumes to go on the treadmill, from a very realistic Batman suit to Mr Potato Head. 

Meanwhile, a daredevil dad decided to lift weights while carrying his baby, and some pet owners sneaked their fluffy companions in the gym as workout buddies. 

Gymgoers have shared hilarious and unexpected scenes they spotted during their workouts on the American trivia website Domesticated Companion. One man seemed to have forgotten that you're supposed to shower and wrap yourself in a towel AFTER working out  

Bottoms up over sit-ups! One elderly lady was seen enjoying what looked like a margarita cocktail on the leg press 

Sky's the limit! One tall man on a cross trainer had to improvise and poked his head through a hole on the ceilling so he could use the machine 

Fido keeps fit! A pet lover could not resist bringing his four-legged best friend to the gym with him, to let him try the machines

Gotham stay in shape: A man wearing a Batman costume cracked other gym-goers up when he stepped on the treadmill 

Don't try this at home - or anywhere! A group of friends up the ante by doing push ups on each other's backs 

Going swingingly! One fitness fan seemed unsure of herself as she was photographed using two rings to balance herself in the air 

Daddy duties! One father decided looking after a baby was no excuse for skipping the gym and was seen lifting weights while carrying his child 

Working it off! One man motivated himself to workout with a delicious chocolate cake held by a friend 

Heely great form! A weightlifter impressed other gym-goers when she lifted weights while wearing stilettos

Bringing a whole new meaning to bicep curls! One lady with little time to spare combined the gym with beauty treatments and was spotted exercising with rollers in her hair 

24 Hour laziness? People were not impressed with this 24h gym where people used escalators instead of a small flight of stairs 

No nap, no gain? A gym goer was spotted having a lie down in the middle of the gym after burning some calories 

Multitasking at its finest! One was was spotted knitting an orange scarf on his gym's treadmill

A real toy story! Someone showed up to the treadmill section of their gym wearing a Mr Potato Head costume 

Friends of a feather...! A gym goer brought his pet bird with him and gave him a mini bar so they could exercise together 

Exercising the mind! One lady didn't seem to be bothered as she used of the machines to relax and read the paper

No more rat race! One man appeared to be training in a real-life hamster wheel at his local gym, pictured