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Groom who 'aggressively' threw three-tier wedding cake into bride's face sparks outrage

A bride who shared a video of her husband throwing a three-tier wedding cake in her face has raised concerns online - with many warning his actions are a 'major red flag.'

Bride Kelsey Carson, from Kingston in Tennessee, who posts under the name @Kelsboyd3, took to TikTok to share the controversial footage where she can at first be seen playfully wiping some frosting on husband Tony's face. 

However, it was the groom's reaction that caused quite the stir online - with many branding it 'aggressive' and a 'major red flag.'

In retaliation, Tony can be seen grabbing hold of the cake and throwing it into the bride's face - with the force of it resulting in her stumbling into the nearby chairs. 

Bride Kelsey Carson, from Kingston in Tennessee, has caused quite a stir online after sharing a video to TikTok, which shows her husband Tony 'aggressively' throwing cake in her face on their wedding day (pictured)

Tony can be seen grabbing hold of the three-tier cake and throwing it into the bride's face - with the force of it resulting in her stumbling into the nearby chairs (pictured)

The video, which has since been viewed over 2.8 million times, has left many concerned.

'That's not just aggressive but so embarrassing??? If he's comfortable doing that in front of all her friends and fam... scary,' wrote one, while a second commented: 'Ohhhhh HELLLL NO!!!! Major RED FLAG.' 

A third added: Divorce on the next level,' while a fourth penned: 'RUN GIRL. Anger issues hell no.'

Another went on to comment that the bride is in 'denial' is she thinks this is OK, while someone else penned: 'That looked like it hurt. He went way too far. If he did this in front of people what does he do behind closed doors?'

A further added: 'Ahh yes aggressively whipping a heavy cake at your beautiful bride. 

At the beginning of the video, the bride can be seen playfully putting some cake on her husband's face (pictured)

It was Tony's reaction that caused quite the stir online. Pictured, throwing the cake in his bride's face

Many warned that Tony's 'aggressive' response should be seen as a red flag (pictured)

However, others saw Tony's actions as nothing but harmless fun - adding that Kelsey, who has updated her TikTok profile to read: "A CAKE never hurt anyone, was just as in the wrong for starting it. 

'Y'all they are both literally laughing - he's not angry! She even has happy posts of them both covered in cake,' wrote one, while a second penned: 

'Why is everyone blaming him? Like she was forceful as hell. I don't agree with his reaction at all but she wasn't particularly innocent.

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