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Groom 'ruins wedding' by accidentally booting his new wife as he performs topless lap dance for her 

This is the shocking moment a groom accidentally kicks his beautiful bride in the face while giving her a topless lap dance.

The awkward moment was captured on camera by the bride's mother and shared on the bride's TikTok under the username GaudSquad.

In the video, which was shared last week, the shirtless groom - professional ice hockey player Adam Gaudette - can be seen dancing in front of his seated bride Micaela as wedding guests look on and clapped.

Wedding guests were left shocked after a groom accidentally kicked his new wife in the face while trying to perform a 'sexy dance' for her while she was seated at their wedding reception

But as he goes to turn round, the Vancouver Canucks player lifts his leg to swing it over Micaela's head but instead kicks her straight in the face.

The crowd gasps as the embarrassed groom quickly checks his bride is OK and the couple, based in Massachusetts in the US, share a kiss before laughing the awkward encounter off.

The video of the June wedding was shared on TikTok and has since gone viral, with more thank 12,000 likes.

Adam Gaudette, pictured here with his new wife Micaela, is a professional ice hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks and the couple are based in Massachusetts in the United States

Viewers were left shocked by the faux pas and shared their reactions on the video which was titled 'How my husband ruined our wedding day part one'.

One user commented: 'I thought you just meant the lap dance at first but now it makes sense.'

Another added: 'I would've cried from the embarrassment and pain. Oh my god.'

One user complimented the groom on his attentiveness in the aftermath adding: 'I love how concerned he was immediately for you though like goals.' 

The dance starts off OK with everyone entertained and it looks as though the groom will make the turn before he drops his foot last second, catching his new wife in the face with his heel

New bride Micaela was quick to reassure her followers saying that the wedding day was not completely ruined.

She commented: 'Sooo I cried for a bit and he felt insanely bad but it was fine because we ended up partying until 8 am with our best friends.'

She later added: 'I seemed fine but my head was throbbing and I went into a bathroom and cried for a little.'  

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