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Grieving parents reveal the final conversation they had with their daughter before she was shot dead

The heartbroken parents of a teenager who was gunned down alongside her boyfriend have revealed the last conversation they had with their daughter. 

Greg and Debra Ireland received a fateful knock at the door of their at Semaphore South home, in Adelaide's north-west, by police after midnight on August 23.

Two officers told the couple their daughter Chelsea and her long-term partner Lukasz Klosowski, both 19, had been shot dead while visiting his father in Mount McIntyre, south of the city, just hours beforehand at 11.30pm. 

Pawel Klosowski, 46, was later arrested and charged with their murders.

The devastated parents, who treated Lukasz like a member of the family, recalled the final moment they shared with their daughter - the morning before the tragedy.

Chelsea Ireland and Lukasz Kłosowski, both 19, were shot dead at a property in southeast South Australia

Greg and Debra Ireland, who treated Lukasz like a member of the family, recalled the final moment they shared with their daughter - the morning before the tragedy

'I went in and kissed her goodbye and said …"be careful on that road" and she said "oh, what do you think Lukasz is going to do? He's not stupid",' Mrs Ireland told The Advertiser.

Mr Ireland also gave his daughter a hug and said he loved her. 

'From an early age, I’ve always said to the girls "dads always need hugs" so I go up, give them a hug and tell them I love them … so I did that with Chelsea,' he said. 

The last time Maddie, 21, spoke with her younger sister was via message about a double rainbow.

Maddie forgot Chelsea was away and messaged her on Friday, the day before her death, to ask if she had seen it.

Pictured: Lukasz Klosowski, Maddie Ireland and Chelsea Ireland. Maddie posted the image on Facebook with the caption 'my guardian angels'

Before she was gunned down in an alleged double murder at a rural farm in southeast South Australia, Chelsea Ireland lived her life putting others before herself

Mrs Ireland said her daughter had only met the accused killer four times - twice when he took the couple for dinner in Adelaide, and twice in Mount Gambier, near his property.

'I just keep wishing I could have said to her don't go but she was 19, she had travelled Europe on her own. She was street-smart, independent, strong-willed – there was no way I could have held her home, but I just wish I could have,' the mother-of-two said.

Kłosowski had barely seen his son since his relationship with Lukasz's mother Magdalena broke down about 2005.

Photos of Lukasz about that time show him with his mother, and another clutching a decoration reading 'Sto Lat (Happy Birthday) Lukasz'.

Lukasz's father Paul Kłosowski, 46, (pictured) is charged with two counts of murder for allegedly shooting his estranged son and his son's girlfriend dead

The young couple lived in Adelaide and were visiting Kłosowski's property, where he lives with Lukasz's stepmother Monica (pictured together), for a family gathering

Lukasz was studying journalism at the University of South Australia while working at KFC

Family friends said Magdalena limited contact between her ex-husband and her son, and later started dating a woman she is still in a relationship with.

Kłosowski and Lukasz only occasionally crossed paths until recent years when he tried to mend fences after marrying his wife Monica.

However, Kłosowski noted his son's absence from numerous family photos with his three stepchildren and called him 'stubborn'. 

Two of his stepchildren, all aged under 14, witnessed the shooting, Mount Gambier Magistrates' Court heard on August 24.

The Ireland family are still in shock and told the publication they never thought 'tragedies you see in the paper' would happen to them. 

Despite her violent death, the family remembered Chelsea's sense of adventure and kind heart.

Chelsea and Lukasz dated for several years and had travelled the world together, exploring his Polish heritage.

Chelsea and Lukasz dated for several years and had travelled the world together, exploring his Polish heritage

They attended different Adelaide high schools - Lukasz at Christian Brothers College and Chelsea at St Mary's College.

Lukasz was studying journalism at the University of South Australia while working at KFC.

His girlfriend was enrolled in mechanical engineering at Adelaide University and working at Baker's Delight.

In an assessment for Adelaide University, the student shared an experience she had visiting an indigenous community on the outskirts of The Great Victoria Desert.

She said it empowered her to want to improve the quality of life for those living in remote communities.

When she was just 15 years old, Chelsea watched a YouTube video that inspired her to donate her waist-length brown locks to cancer patients

The house on the expansive property off Mount McIntyre Road in Mount McIntyre where Kłosowski and his wife live and the shooting took place

The publication previously reported that Chelsea donated her waist-length brown locks to cancer patients at the age of 15. 

The hair, along with a donation of $1,000, was given to the Royal Adelaide Hospital's wig recycling and loan service in 2015 and went on to be a wig for a cancer patient.

She went on to volunteer at Puddle Jumpers Incorporated, caring for vulnerable children and young people.

Puddle Jumpers issued a statement following the tragic shooting, saying it was saddened by the news Chelsea's life was cut short.

'Chelsea, a beautiful kind-hearted volunteer, you will be very much missed by all,' the statement said.

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