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Goalie is left red-faced after thinking he had saved a spot-kick only for it to bounce into the net

This is the incredible moment the under 12s team from Dutch side PSV Eindhoven celebrate prematurely after a penalty hit the cross bar making them think they had won the game.

However the ball had other ideas and miraculously bounced back into the net cutting short their cheering during the match against AZ Alkmaar. 

Player Jay Lunes turned away from the goal in disappointment after the ball failed to make the net as the other team think they have won the match.

When the PSV team think they have won they run towards the goal to celebrate whilst cheering and the goalie walks away thinking his job is done. 

The ball then seems to pass over the bar then drop back down, bouncing on the field and then into the goal. 

The team then halt their celebrations and the goalie puts his hands over his head in disbelief. 

Confusion: PSV Eindhoven's coach (right) can be seen cheering with his arms in the air as the team think they have won the point 

The penalty hit the cross bar making the PSV Eindhoven team think they have won the game

The team then halt their celebrations when they realise the ball has gone in and the goalie (seen centre in orange) puts his hands over his head in disbelief

It takes a few moments for the AZ Alkmaar player Jay Lunes to realise he has won the point after he looks back over his shoulder and his team mates in the black kit run up to congratulate him. 

The video has been shared widely on social media with users joking that you 'should never celebrate too early'. 

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