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Giant hail the size of GOLF BALLS batters Australia's east coast during a freak storm

Giant golf ball-sized hail, heavy rain, and damaging winds have battered Australia's east coast during a freak storm, with more severe thunderstorms forecast for today.

Wild weather lashed north-east New South Wales and south-east Queensland on Tuesday, leaving thousands of home without power. 

In the Sunshine State, hailstones measuring 3cm to 4cm pelted across the Toowoomba region for an hour from 7.30pm as lightening lit up the sky.

Torrential rain saw the Gold Coast record 21mm overnight and parts of Brisbane copped up to 50mm, while further west Mt Mt Mowbullan was drenched under 92mm, and 79mm fell over Forrest Hill. 

Giant hail the size of golf balls pelted over Toowoomba on Tuesday (pictured right) as severe storms lash south-Queensland and north-east New South Wales

Queensland's south east corner was hardest hit by the low trough pressure system that swept over the region earlier this week. 

But the worst of the extreme weather is yet to come  - with swathes of the country set to be smashed for another 24 hours. 

'Thunderstorms are possible along the entire east coast of Australia today, from Cape York to Far East Gippsland,' The Bureau of Meteorology tweeted on Wednesday morning. 

'The focus of severe storms will be south east Queensland and north east New South Wales driven by an upper-level low.'

Meteorologist Jonathan How said there are currently thunderstorms across inland parts of southeast Queensland with more set to hit Brisbane and the Gold Coast, intensifying into the evening. 

'There will be a risk of large hail, damaging winds, and heavy rain,' he told Daily Mail Australia.  

The Bureau of Meteorology issued a warning on Wednesday that thunderstorms are possible across the entire east coast of Australia 

The Bureau of Meteorology warned severe thunderstorms could lash north-east New South Wales and south-east Queensland on Wednesday. Pictured: A pedestrian tries to shelter from the rain in Sydney on Friday

'We are expecting storms from Gladstone down to Brisbane, and into north-east New South Wales, to around Byron Bay and Lismore.

'Hail is expected to hit around Wide Bay to Bundaberg, and we could see hailstones bigger than 2cm up to 5cm like Toowoomba had yesterday.'  

Mr How said today would be the 'peak' of the low pressure system before conditions cleared across north-east NSW and south-east Queensland overnight, becoming dryer and colder heading into next week. 

Sydney and the Hunter region should be spared, but the BOM urged all residents along the coast to be prepared for severe storms.  

'With thunderstorms, they will not be severe in every area. But [in the case of a severe storm] it is important that people do keep and eye out are prepared,' Mr How said. 

Storms over Sydney are expected to develop after midday, but they are unlikely to be severe.

A Weatherzone map shows the accumulated rain across Australia on Tuesday

Sydney and the Hunter region should be spared, but the BOM is urging all residents along the coast to be prepared for severe storms. Pictured: A woman ventures out in the rain in Sydney

The weather warning comes as significant downpours soaked the nation's east coast on Tuesday, stretching from Far North Queensland all the way down into Victoria. 

Footage posted on social media showed massive hailstones as big as golf balls littered across backyards in Toowoomba and Darling Downs. 

Towns around the Queensland border to the mid-north coast bore the brunt of the heavy rain, large hailstones, and damaging winds, with hail and downpours showering the NSW South Coast.  

Weather forecaster Jake Phillips said the weather event was uncommon for this time in Autumn. 

'Mid-May is a very unusual time of year to see severe storms in NSW,' Mr Phillips said on Tuesday. 

'But in this particular case it's due to the combination of having a relatively significant amount of humidity around for this time of year, and also a very powerful upper level system moving through.' 

A map of Australia shows the rain that smashed the east coast on Tuesday as Queensland and New South Wales brace for more downpours 

Pictured: Pedestrians walk across a main road holding umbrellas during wet weather in the centre of Sydney on May 7. The city is expected to see a thunderstorm on Wednesday afternoon

Queensland residents on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane, Logan and Beaudesert were told to brace for severe thunderstorms on Tuesday, with around 66,000 lightening strikes lashing the region.  

The storm left up to 5000 homes in the area without electricity for hours.  

In Victoria, heavy rain lashed Gippsland and the Otways, in the state's south-east. 

The stormy weather came after millions of Australians were plunged into an early winter.     

South Australians felt brunt of the cold snap as damaging gusts of more than 100km/h lashed the south-eastern parts of the state on Monday afternoon. 

Weatherzone meteorologist Esteban Abellan on Monday told Daily Mail Australia a band of rain will stretch from blustery South Australia to south-west Victoria.

The southern parts of New South Wales, including Sydney, will see showers from Tuesday through to Thursday. Pictured: Rugged-up Sydneysiders 

'There will be gusty showers and rain patches from the Flinders Ranges in the south-east of SA to the Victorian border,' he said.

The arctic winds will also blow over Tasmania at a speeds of up to 102km/h, with up to 5mm of snow on the island's highest peaks.

'In Tasmania there have been strong winds in the last 24 hours in places like Maatsuyker Island,' Mr Abellan said. 

Sydneysiders and Brisbane residents will enjoy mostly sunny conditions throughout the weekend leading into Monday. 

Showers are in store for Melbourne, Hobart, and Adelaide over the weekend, with maximum temperatures hovering around the mid-teens.  

Temperatures in Canberra will drop to 1C on Saturday with a maximum of 17C on Thursday.

The Northern Territory and Perth will see average temperatures throughout the week. 



Thursday: Min 14. Max 23. Mostly sunny.

Friday: Min 12. Max 20. Mostly sunny.

Saturday: Min 9. Max 18. Mostly sunny.

Sunday: Min 8. Max 18. Sunny.

Monday: Min 8. Max 19. Mostly sunny.


Thursday: Min 9. Max 18. Showers increasing.

Friday: Min 7. Max 15. Showers increasing.

Saturday: Min 8. Max 14. Showers easing.

Sunday: Min 7. Max 15. Shower or two.

Monday: Min 9. Max 16. Shower or two.


Thursday: Min 17. Max 26. Mostly sunny.

Friday: Min 13. Max 25. Sunny.

Saturday: Min 12. Max 23. Mostly sunny.

Sunday: Min 11. Max 21. Partly cloudy.

Monday: Min 10. Max 23. Mostly sunny.


Thursday: Min 20. Max 33. Sunny.

Friday: Min 20. Max 33. Sunny.

Saturday: Min 19. Max 33. Sunny.

Sunday: Min 19. Max 33. Sunny.

Monday: Min 20. Max 33. Sunny.


Thursday: Min 8. Max 17. Shower or two developing.

Friday: Min 5. Max 13. Shower or two.

Saturday: Min 5. Max 12. Shower or two.

Sunday: Min 6. Max 14. Showers.

Monday: Min 7. Max 13. Possible early shower.


Thursday: Min 9. Max 22. Mostly sunny.

Friday: Min 11. Max 23. Partly cloudy.

Saturday: Min 13. Max 23. Cloudy.

Sunday: Min 14. Max 23. Cloudy.

Monday: Min 15. Max 25. Possible shower.


Thursday: Min 9. Max 17. Showers.

Friday: Min 10. Max 17. Possible shower.

Saturday: Min 10. Max 17. Partly cloudy.

Sunday: Min 8. Max 17. Possible shower.

Monday: Min 9. Max 18. Partly cloudy.


Thursday: Min 4. Max 18. Partly cloudy.

Friday: Min 4. Max 13. Partly cloudy.

Saturday: Min 1. Max 11. Partly cloudy.

Sunday: Min -4. Max 12. Morning frost. Mostly sunny.

Monday: Min -1. Max 14. Morning frost. Partly cloudy.

Source: Bureau of Meteorology Australia

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