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Ghislaine Maxwell wants judge to call victims 'accusers' instead

Ghislaine Maxwell's lawyers have asked for the women who say she abused them to be referred to as accusers instead of victims at her sex trafficking trial next month,. 

In court filings on Tuesday, her lawyers also asked for all evidence that was seized from Jeffrey Epstein's Palm Beach house to also be excluded from her trial. 

Maxwell is in custody in Brooklyn awaiting trial. Opening statements are scheduled to begin on November 29.

She denies charges of sex trafficking multiple girls for Epstein, the disgraced late pedophile who hanged himself in jail in 2019 while awaiting his own trial. 

In a filing on Tuesday ahead of the trial next month, her lawyer listed all of the things he doesn't want to be discussed in front of the jury. 

They include details of a flight she took, 'testimony about any alleged "rape" by Jeffrey Epstein' and 'reference to the accusers as "victims" or "minor victims".'  

Maxwell's attorneys filed this on Tuesday asking for the judge to exclude mention of 'any alleged rape by Jeffrey Epstein' 

The motion also asks the judge to exclude some of the hundreds of exhibits that prosecutors want to submit, but it doesn't say why.  

Maxwell's brother spoke to The Daily Telegraph earlier this week to tell how the family planned to stand by her. 

'This is a family that sticks together. 

Maxwell is shown in prison earlier this year 'with a black eye' 

'Ghislaine has people who love her; people who trust her. This is a family that has been knocked down, gets up, gets knocked down again and then gets up. 

'We are a family that fights for each other and this is a big fight we are in. We are hopeful justice will prevail as it must,' he said. 

He added that his sister had been convicted in the court of 'public opinion', but that he believes she is innocent.  

Maxwell has long denied the charges against her and her attorneys say she is being mistreated in prison.  

They released a photograph of her with a black eye to prove it earlier this year and claim she has not been able to sleep in custody. 

'We just want a fair opportunity, a fair chance, so she can get ready for the trial of her life. 

'It's impossible to prepare for trial when you're getting no sleep,' one of her attorneys told the court earlier this year as he begged for her to be allowed out on bond to wait for the trial at home. 

Maxwell's attorneys also don't want any reference to any 'alleged rape by Jeffrey Epstein' at the trial. He died in jail in 2019 

She was arrested in New Hampshire last summer after evading the world's media for more than a year following Epstein's dramatic arrest and then suicide in jail. 

Her family says she is being made to take the fall for him because she is the only person left to be held accountable.

But Epstein's many victims say she played a pivotal role in recruiting them for him, grooming them and then keeping them under his control against their will. 

She and Epstein became friends in the 1990s and dated briefly, but they remained close for years to follow.

She is who introduced him to Prince Andrew and was there on the night he allegedly slept with 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre Roberts - a claim he has repeatedly denied. 

Some of the women who have accused Maxwell of wrongdoing are expected to testify at her trial when it gets underway next month.