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Get fit in 15 minutes: Celebrity personal trainer reveals best exercise to sculpt your inner thighs


To sculpt your inner thighs, celebrity personal trainer Nadya Fairweather (u-shape.co.uk) recommends ‘glute bridge ball pulses’.

Lying on your back, with feet close together but not touching, place a squishy ball between your knees. Ideally, go for a Pilates ball that you can blow up.

Now lift your hips up, bottom squeezed in, and using your inner thighs squeeze the ball as quickly as you can for 30 seconds. Relax for 30 seconds and then repeat for five sets. This exercise is great combined with walking, running and lunges.

Nadya Fairweather recommends ‘glute bridge ball pulses’ to sculpt inner thighs (pictured)


Make sure to choose the right post-workout snacks. Eggs are full of protein and nutrients, says nutritionist Lola Biggs

Your diet can also help to tone the leg muscles, says nutritionist Lola Biggs (togetherhealth.co.uk).

Make sure to choose the right post-workout snacks. Eggs are full of protein and nutrients. They contain essential vitamins and minerals, such as B vitamins which promote energy production. They also help with muscle recovery.

Keep hydrated by drinking two litres of water a day. This helps to flush out toxins, stimulate the metabolism and aids in proper digestion, reducing bloating. Circulation-boosting herbs such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger all stimulate lymphatic drainage. Add in powder form and sprinkle in tea, warm milk, a smoothie or on porridge.


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