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George Floyd protests: 1400 arrests as violence escalates in protests across US

The Telegraph's Rozina Sabur is on the ground in Minneapolis where residents are cleaning up after the destructive protests.

Local volunteers worked for hours on Saturday sweeping ash away, scrubbing graffiti from walls and boarding up shop fronts that had been erased by the fires and looting that ripped through the city. One woman helping the clear-up effort pointed to what remained of her favourite dining spot - an Ethiopian restaurant - with nothing remaining but bare walls and rubble. She wanted to help it rebuild, she said. 

Further down the street, a newly renovated Target store which bore the brunt of protesters' ire was scrubbed by locals. The third police precinct, the protesters original target, remains silent and boarded up. So too does the nearby local library, now covered in graffiti.

The community effort came from a range of volunteers as diverse as this midwestern city, with pensioners, parents with young children, and young people all pitching in. Local organisers handed out water bottles and offered to buy groceries for those in need. 

But the frustration that has torn through the city was still on show. One woman walked along E Lake Street, scene of the worst destruction, yelling: "Why do we do this? Who is going to help us?"

One local resident, Jack Pelham, a recent graduate from the University of Minnesota, said: "I think everybody is feeling a lot of mixed emotions, I certainly am. It's a tragedy all around but for me at least there's some hope that real change comes from the tragedy."

"I'm just hoping to do whatever I can to help," he added.

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