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Fury as Woolworths pull beloved Aussie-made peanut butter brand from its shelves

A beloved Australian-made peanut butter has been pulled from the shelves in Woolworths across the country, prompting outrage from shoppers.

Farmers Co Peanut Butter, which is described as 'as Aussie as you can get', is made in New South Wales - employing local people and pumping money into the economy.

Angry shoppers voiced their fury on social media, as the supermarket insisted the 'difficult decision' had been made after a period of slow sales.

It stopped being sold in Coles last year. 

'Disturbing news Woolworth dropping this peanut butter product,' one shopper said.

'Very disappointed to hear Woolworths will no longer be stocking Farmers Co peanut butter,' another said. 

Farmers Co peanut butter (pictured) was made with 100 per cent Australian ingredients, but is no longer being sold at Woolworths or Coles

One furious customer (pictured) said that companies should be supported Australian brands during the pandemic

'Australians will be looking for Australian owned and made products now more than ever. Do the right thing, help out a mate and put them back on your shelves.'   

The supermarket is still selling Bega's Simply Nuts, a peanut butter made with 100 per cent Australian-grown ingredients. 

Sanitarium peanut butter is also being sold, but it is made with less than 10 per cent Australian ingredients, at $4 a jar.

The supermarket's own peanut butter, made under its Macro branding, is made from all imported ingredients, with no Aussie-grown peanuts.

But Pic's peanut butter, at $7.50 a jar, is made with 100 per cent Australian ingredients. 

Woolworths (pictured) said it had made the difficult decision to stop selling the spread after a period of poor sales

Even Bega's other peanut butters, while being made in Australia, don't use all Aussie ingredients. 

'I realise profits form an important part of all commercial businesses,' another customer wrote.

'But shouldn’t it be weighed up against supporting Australian businesses and our embattled Aussie farmers as much as we can.

'“Our current circumstances would have an increased interest by us Australians for a home grown product over other similar stocked items from China and Argentina.' 

Another customer expressed their horror at the product being dropped from Woolworths shelves (pictured)

One customer said Farmers Co was a 'great tasting' peanut butter, and supermarkets shouldn't stock products from China

A spokesman for Woolworths said: 'We made the difficult decision to remove Farmers Co. peanut butter from our stores in our most recent range review process after a sustained period of underperforming sales.

'While we have supported Farmers Co. over the last 18 months, it’s unfortunately not resonating with enough customers to continue stocking it.

'As an alternative, we continue to stock Bega’s Simply Nuts - which is made using 100% Australian grown peanuts - in the majority of our stores.'

Farmers Co was made by Dick Smith Co, which closed last year, but continued to be produced under its own brand name. 

Peanut farmers in Queensland already suffered a difficult season, with low rainfall making it difficult to plant in November. 

Some peanut butters made by Bega (pictured) are made with 100 per cent Australian peanuts, but others aren't

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