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Furious A-level student confronts schools minister after she was downgraded THREE grades

A furious A-level student has confronted the schools minister after she was downgraded three grades lower from one of her predicted marks.  

Nina Bunting-Mitchem challenged Nick Gibb on Radio 4's Any Questions after she didn't get the grades she expected.  

The student, from Peterborough, explained to Mr Gibb that she didn't get into any of her chosen veterinary schools. 

Nick Gibb, pictured, was challenged on Radio 4's Any Questions by A-level student Nina Bunting-Mitchem over exam results being downgraded 

Students protested about the exam results outside Westminster on August 14 as almost 40% of teacher's predictions were lowered

She claimed her life had been ruined by the way her grades had been calculated on the show on August 14.  

She said: 'I've not just been downgraded two grades, but three grades lower in one of my predicted. You've ruined my life.' 

 Mr Gibb responded: 'Yes, and that is rare. 60% of grades awarded the ones that the teacher has said.'  

The schools minister then promised the student that it won't ruin her life and assured her that 'it will be sorted'.

 Protests took place in London after the exam results were downgraded for students across England

This comes as the government has said it will reimburse schools for the cost of appealing exam results - even if they're unsuccessful.   

The initial price for appealing an exam result is from £10 to £25, but it can rise to as much as £150 in exceptional circumstances.  

But there should be no cost to schools to appeal any exam results, meaning more should be submitted. 

Almost 40% of teacher's predictions were lowered due to a moderating process.  

A protester, pictured, in London after grades had been lowered. The government have said they will reimburse schools for the cost of appealing grades  

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