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Friend of dead model is declared brain dead two weeks after both girls were dumped outside hospitals

Hilda Cabrales, who was left unconscious outside a hospital in Los Angeles two hours after her friend and model Christy Giles' dead body was dumped outside a different hospital in the area, has been declared brain dead. 

Her father confirmed the news to The Sun; it is just days before her 27th birthday on November 29. Luis Cabrales Rivera said the family will 'say goodbye' on Sunday or Monday.

She was an interior designer who had just moved to Los Angeles from Mexico in July to take a job as project manager for a design company. She graduated cum laude as an architect from Monterrey University two years ago. 

Cabrales, 26, and Giles, 24, went out on Friday, November 13, for a 'very normal' night with a third friend who wishes to remain anonymous. 

Hilda Marcela Cabrales has been pronounced brain dead two weeks after being left unconscious outside a Los Angeles with heroin in her system 

The 26-year-old interior designer was left by the same men who had dumped her friend Christy Giles' dead body outside a different hospital two hours before

Giles (left) and Cabrales (right) were last seen leaving a warehouse party in LA with men they had met at the party. Family and friends suspect they were drugged and dead for hours before being taken to the hospitals 

The next day, after not replying to text messages for nearly 12 hours, Giles' dead body was left on the sidewalk by men in balaclavas driving a black Prius with no plates at Southern California Hospital in Culver City at 5 pm on November 14.

Surveillance footage recorded the men dumping Cabrales' unconscious body outside Kaiser Permanente hospital in West LA two hours later. 

Cabrales' parents immediately flew from Mexico to be by their daughters' side when they learned of the tragedy. Her heartbroken father, Luis Cabrales Rivera, told The Sun that doctors confirmed yesterday that his daughter would not wake up from her coma.  

Through tears, Rivera said: 'My girl was diagnosed brain dead yesterday. We were already expecting it to be bad news and we're trying to take it with a lot of strength.

'I asked God to return Hilda to me in 100% good health but if she was going to be left impaired it is better for her to leave and go by His side.'  

Her organs will be donated as her family expect their 'generous girl' would have wanted. 'Her mother and I have decided that her organs should be donated to those who need them and that process will take place on Sunday or Monday,' her father added.

'I never discussed it with her but we are completely sure Hilda would have wanted it to be this way, she was such a good and generous girl who was always looking out for others. 

'Apparently there are nine to 12 different organs that could be used for donations and we decided that should be the last act of love from my daughter.'

While both Giles (left) and Cabrales (right) were found with heroin in their systems, their family and friends insist the women never would have willingly taken the drug

Model Christy Giles, 24, was found dead on the sidewalk on November 14 after three masked men dropped her lifeless body outside a hospital in LA

She was pronounced dead at Southern California Hospital in Culver City after her body was discovered nearly 12 hours after she stopped checking text messages and failed to get into an Uber Cabrales had called 

An outpouring of love for Cabrales and Giles flooded social media when news of their tragedy broke. 

'We're all devastated but grateful that God let us have her with us for almost 27 years and allowed us to come here and say goodbye to her. I'm grateful that with her last breath she will be able to give life to others and that she will live on in the heart, eyes, lungs, of someone else.' 

Family and friends expect to celebrate her life on Sunday or Monday - what would have been her 27th birthday. 

'They will take her down to the operating room on Sunday or Monday but before that, they will let us say goodbye and pay homage to her, Rivera explained. We will be allowed to say a few words and play music and if it is on Monday we will sing Happy Birthday to her.'

It had previously been reported that both Giles and and Cabarles were found with heroin in their system- a drug friends and family swear neither girl would have taken voluntarily. 

Rivera explained: 'Hilda told me that she would sometimes smoke marijuana to help her to get to sleep but the drugs that were found in her system were not drugs she would have taken herself.' 

'Her mother is a doctor, her stepfather is a doctor and they have always told her that she should not take opioids because they could cause irreparable damage or cardiac arrest.' 

Giles husband Jan Cilliers, who was in San Francisco at the time, says he awoke in the morning to check his wife's location on his phone and saw she was somewhere he didn't recognize

Photographs and videos taken late the night before the women were left at the hospitals show Giles and Cabrales dancing and laughing at a warehouse party

Giles and Cabrales went out for their friend described as a 'very normal' Friday night

He insisted that his daughter was a very health conscious person. 'She was informed about all that and wouldn't have consciously taken anything like that. Those are not recreational drugs and Hilda was a very healthy girl who liked to hike, do yoga and go to the gym,' Rivera said. 

The distraught father confirmed suspicions that have circulated social media: 'the people behind this have done it before.' Although the suspects' names have not officially been released complaints about several suspects have been coming into Giles' husband, friends, and the Los Angeles Police Department. 

'We want people to continue to be aware of this case until those who are responsible for what happened to Hilda and Christy are behind bars,' Rivera said. 

'The detectives have spoken with us several times and they told us that for the LAPD this is personal because the people behind this have done it before but it had never gone as far as this,' he confirmed. 

'The police opened an emergency line and have apparently been speaking with people but have asked us to be patient while they put the case together,' Rivera continued. 'The detectives told us they're indignant that these guys had the chance to save Hilda and Christy's lives but preferred to abandon them to their luck.'  

Jan Cillers, Giles' husband, claims to know the men who his wife and Cabrales were last seen with. He and Giles' best friend, Sandy Evangelista Robinson, have reportedly been receiving messages from other women sharing other similar bad nights with the men.

Giles and Cabrales were a Soho House LA when they left for a warehouse party. Giles husband said he traced her phone to an apartment complex before the women were dropped off at their respective hospitals

Giles' (left) husband Jan Cillers (right) says he knows the name of the men who were last seen with the two women. Cillers (pictured) and Cabrales' father, Luis Cabrales Rivera, have confirmed that many women have made complaints to them and police about the suspects

Cillers (pictured) told DailyMail.com detectives have interviewed two of the three men with whom she spent her final hours

When he shared the names of the men on social media, one of their ex-girlfriends allegedly shared her story writing: 'He's a dangerous person, and I've been contacted by numerous women who've also experienced abuse from him.'

The women went out to the SoHo House in downtown LA and then a nearby warehouse party. 

The two women left the party in downtown LA with the men they met and ended up at an apartment building in West LA, the third friend who left early said. Cillers assumes that the women were offered a ride to an after-party but never made it.

He tracked Giles' phone at 1:30 am and shared her location as an apartment building at 8641 West Olympic Boulevard. He posted a photo of the address asking his social media followers: 'Anyone know someone that lives here?'

Detectives have since been spotted at the apartment building where they interviewed two of the three men Cabrales and Giles spent their final moments with. 

The men, who rent an apartment in West Hollywood that Christy's phone recorded as her last live location, allegedly admitted to cops that they took the girls home from the warehouse party, claimed the women took drugs and overdosed, and that they immediately took them to the ER.

Texts between the two women showed Giles sent a message to Cabrales at 5:30am when they were at the apartment, reading: 'let's go.' Cabrales replied: 'Yes. I'll call an Uber' and then '10 minutes away'- however, the two were never picked up

Four minutes later at 5:36am, a friend called Eddie who was at the official afterparty the girls had planned to go to texted Giles: 'Where you at?' - but that message was never read

However, texts from Christy's phone reviewed by DailyMail.com cast doubt on the men's alleged account – leading her husband to believe they forcibly drugged both women.

After arriving at their home, an apparently uncomfortable Christy texted Hilda 'let's go' with a wide-eyed emoji at 5:30am on Saturday morning. Hilda replied 'Yes. I'll call an Uber. 10 minutes away.'

At 5:36am a friend called Eddie who was at the official afterparty the girls had planned to go to texted Christy: 'Where you at?'

Read receipts show Christy never read the text, nor any others after that, and Uber records show the women never got in their cab.

Cilliers believes that in those six minutes, something happened to his wife and her friend that left them incapacitated.

But it wasn't until 12 hours later, at 5pm on Saturday, that CCTV at Southern California Hospital in Culver City showed men in masks and hats pulling up in a black Toyota Prius with no license plate and dumping Christy's body – and another two hours before Hilda was left at nearby Kaiser Permanente hospital in West LA.

Cilliers said hospital staff told him both women's bodies were cold when they were admitted, which could mean that whatever killed his wife had happened several hours earlier.

Cilliers said though his wife led a glamorous life, being signed to Wilhelmina Models age 14 and travelling the world for photoshoots, she 'kicks ass and is very street smart.'