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Freezing weather expected for Australia's east coast as vigorous cold front moves in 

The first day of winter will see a vigorous cold front bring freezing weather and storms across Australia's east coast. 

A low pressure system will move through Victoria and bring rain and potentially dangerous winds to Melbourne on Monday afternoon. 

'It will feel like a proper winter's day,' Weatherzone meteorologist Brett Dutschke told Daily Mail Australia.

A vigorous cold front will hit Victoria on Monday and temperatures in Melbourne (pictured) will not reach past 13C as the state is blasted with dangerous icy winds and hailstorms 

The cold front will also bring strong winds and showers to Australia's east coast. Pictured: Sydney's central business district was battered with heavy rains in early March 

The cold front will bring significant rainfall with some areas of the state expected to receive about 5mm while others could see 20mm to 30mm. 

'Showers could reach all throughout Victoria and some of the showers contain small hail, so that can lead to extra problems travelling out on the road,' Mr Dutschke said. 

A severe weather warning is in place for coastal locations in the state's southwest, central districts and parts of the Gippsland region. 

Mr Dutschke said 'showers will be most frequent and heaviest in the southwest' and noted there was 'a good chance of damaging winds in the south of the state'.  

The cool change will see temperatures drop substantially, with Melbourne forecast to reach a top of just 13C, a sharp fall from 17C on Sunday. 

Mr Dutschke said: 'Factor in the wind and it will feel a few degrees colder than the actual temperature.'      

The meteorologist said there would be another cold front bringing more showers to Victoria's south on Tuesday that had no severe weather warnings attached.   

Pictured: The cold front will sweep across Victoria and into New South Wales on Monday

A severe weather warning is in place for coastal locations in Victoria's's southwest, central districts and parts of the Gippsland region. Pictured: Mordialloc Harbour in Melbourne 

Australians have been warned to prepare for a wetter than average winter. Pictured: A Melbourne local rugged up against the chilly temperature on Monday morning 

Victoria's cold front will also bring rain and cooler temperatures to Australia's east coast. 

'Sydney will feel it tonight and tomorrow,' Mr Dutschke said.

'Sydney will also be experiencing winds and be comfortably mild with a cooler change later in the day. 

'It will start to feel pretty chilly in the evening.'

Mr Dutschke said Canberra would also see showers thanks to the cold front.

'It's going to be pretty cold and windy,' he explained. 

The cold front reflected that Australia would experience more cold days than the average winter season. Pictured: Pedestrians in Melbourne wearing layers to fight the cold in May

Adelaide will experience similar weather on Monday with a 'pretty chilly day with winds easing and showers clearing'.  

Mr Dutschke said Perth would escape the cold front to have a 'dry and windy day'.    

Brisbane would also be 'comfortably mild' and see temperatures in the mid-twenties.  

Darwin will be sunny with temperatures in the low-thirties.  

Mr Dutschke said 'Hobart will be warmer than Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra which is a little bit unusual.' 

It will avoid the cold front and experience a dry day with a top of 16C. 

Mr Dutschke said the cold front reflected what the weather had in store for the rest of Australia's winter season. 

'Most of the country will be experiencing a wetter than average season. 

'We're likely to have more cold days than the average winter because of the cloud and rain that is around,' he explained.   



Monday: Min 8, Max 22

Tuesday: Min 8, Max 17

Wednesday: Min 10, Max 18

Thursday: Min 10, Max 17 

Friday: Min 8, Max 19 


Monday: Min 8, Max 13

Tuesday: Min 8, Max 15

Wednesday: Min 10, Max 14

Thursday: Min 6, Max 14

Friday: Min 6, Max 15


Monday: Min 11, Max 19

Tuesday: Min 9, Max 21

Wednesday: Min 10, Max 22

Thursday: Min 11, Max 22

Friday: Min 10, Max 21 


Monday: Min 10, Max 14

Tuesday: Min 9, Max 16 

Wednesday: Min 10, Max 16 

Thursday: Min 7, Max 16 

Friday: Min 7, Max 15  


Monday: Min 3, Max 12

Tuesday: Min 1, Max 13

Wednesday: Min 3, Max 13

Thursday: Min -1, Max 13

Friday: Min -1, Max 14 


Monday: Min 12, Max 26

Tuesday: Min 13, Max 21

Wednesday: Min 9, Max 21

Thursday: Min 11, Max 22

Friday: Min 13, Max 23  


Monday: Min 22, Max 32

Tuesday: Min 22, Max 33

Wednesday: Min 21, Max 31

Thursday: Min 19, Max 31

Friday: Min 19, Max 31 


Monday: Min 7, Max 16

Tuesday: Min 5, Max 15

Wednesday: Min 7, max 12

Thursday: Min 4, Max 14

Friday: Min 7, Max 15  

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