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Flytipper caught on camera outside Bristol Dunelm

This is the shocking moment a man pulls up in the car park of retail park in Bristol and dumps several rolls of carpet on the ground before driving off.

The flytipper was unaware that he was being recorded on several onboard cameras fitted to a nearby Tesla. 

He looked directly at the car before assuring himself that he was not being filmed.  

This Nissan X-Trail, pictured left, arrived an a car park outside a Dunelm store in Brislington, Bristol on Sunday afternoon 

The passenger of the SUV, pictured, looked around for CCTV cameras before dumping several rolls of carpet on the floor

The man dumped several rolls of old carpet in the car park, unaware he was being filmed 

The incident happened on Sunday, May 9 in the car park next to Dunelm, Brislington, Bristol.   

The passenger got out of the the Nissan X-Trail Sport DCI and dumped a couple of old rolls of carpet onto the ground. 

The man looked around furtively like a Meerkat watching for predators in the Serengeti before struggling to open the boot of the SUV. 

He then rapidly dumped more than a dozen sections of carpet before jumping back into the car. 

The Nissan's driver had the car rolling forward before the man had managed to shut his door. 

One eyewitness, who filmed the shocking incident told MailOnline: 'I decided to park around the side of the building away from other cars as the main car park was quite busy.

'When I came back I was shocked to notice that there was large amount of trash in front of the car where there wasn’t before.

A witness downloaded the shocking footage which was filmed on the built-in cameras in his Tesla 

The man left behind this shocking load of old carpets which were dumped in the car park

'Then I remembered my Tesla records all round when parked, so I checked the camera footage.

'This is when I discovered the full video of this selfish man caught in the act of flytipping.

'It looks like the guy doing the dumping was the passenger of the car while the driver was ready to make a quick get away.'  

The witness added: 'This kind of behaviour sickens me so I notified the store manager who was more then happy to take screenshots of the footage as they have experienced a lot of this antisocial behaviour of late.' 

He said he reported the dumping to Dunelm and Bristol City Council. 

MailOnline has approached Dunelm for a comment. 

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