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Fishing guide films the epic moment an enormous crocodile devoured a cow floating in a river

A sports fishing guide has captured the astonishing moment a huge crocodile sunk its jaws into a whole cow in front of awe-struck American tourists. 

Cairns-based guide Kim Andersen was taking two Alaskan men down the Daintree River, in Far North Queensland, when he spotted the four-metre-long crocodile on Thursday morning.

He told Daily Mail Australia that his passengers were 'in awe' of the beast. 

A fisherman from Cairns captured the moment a crocodile (pictured) chomped into a floating cow while he was taking two Alaskan men on a fishing cruise of the Daintree River  

Mr Andersen said he was guiding the two men, Lloyd and Michael, on a fishing trip when they noticed a cow floating beside the leafy green riverbanks.  

The fisherman began to record the encounter and could be heard jokingly saying: 'A free swimming cow on the Daintree River.'   

Mr Andersen told Daily Mail Australia that a 'croc submerged then grabbed the cow and went into an underwater death roll.'

'He swam away with a large chunk,' the guide said.  

The video showed how the massive crocodile popped out of the water and snapped its jaws around the belly of the cow.  

One of the tourists joked: 'The cow has interesting swim technique.'   

The Americans were treated to an authentic Daintree experience as the monster reptile bit 'a big piece' out of the cow while cicadas chorused in the background. 

'Now he's swimming away from it,' the tourist observed.  

The video then showed the crocodile retreat and calmly submerge back into the murky river.   

As it receded from view Mr Andersen said: 'That's a good sized croc.' 

The video showed how the crocodile's powerful jaws bit a large chunk from the cow