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First CBeebies presenter with Down's Syndrome George Webster jokes he wants to be the next Dr Who

Cbeebies' first presenter with Down's Syndrome George Webster charmed Good Morning Britain viewers as he appeared on the show to discuss his new role. 

George Webster, 21, from Leeds, made his debut in the CBeebies house last week, where he said he was 'brave and determined' and invited viewers to give him a chance. 

Speaking to Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell on GMB this morning, George said his dream would be to take on the iconic role of Doctor Who. 

He was joined by his father Rob Webster who said people who work with his son and knew him 'don't stop at Down's syndrome' anymore, 'they just see George.'

Viewers loved the positive moment and said George was a 'top lad' who 'injected positivity into their morning.' 

George Webster, 21, from Leeds, made his debut in the CBeebies house last week, where he said he was 'brave and determined' and invited viewers to give him a chance. His father Rob, right and him appeared on Good Morning Britain today 

Viewers couldn't get enough from George and said he was a wonderful person and offered a 'nice cheery moment' [sic]

'It does feel really really good,' George said of his CBeebies appointment. 'I'd like to say, dream big and live your life and hard work really pays off.'

The determined presenter said he has never let anyone tell him how to live his life, telling Susanna and Alastair: 'You have to take any opportunity, it's always exciting and you have to live your own life and not let people tell you to live a different life.'

George's dad Rob added his son's appointment was 'incredibly important'.

'We know a lot of people like us who have family with Down's syndrome and they all got talent and they're all individuals,' Rob said. 

'When George was growing up, we always made clear, the important thing to see was George. 

George told viewers never to let other people dictate their lives, while his father, right, proudly said people don't just see George's condition when they talk to him, but 'just see George' 

'And I think this is what happens with all the people that he knows at the park run or the people he works with in the café. they stopped seeing Down's Syndrome, they just see George, which is really what we need to happen.'

George said he grew up watching Doctor Who, and that being the next Doctor would be 'amazing.'

The show surprised the CBeebies presenter with a message from Doctor Who's first female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. 

Proud: BBC bosses have made history by employing the first ever kids' TV presenter with Down's Syndrome, after George Webster, 21, made his debut on Monday

Doctor Whos Jodie Whittaker, left, surprised George on the show and said she hoped they would one day meet

'My name is Jodie Whittaker and I play the Doctor in Doctor Who, and I'm currently in my Tardis,' Jodie, who was speaking from the set of the BBC show, said, adding: 'someone told me you're a Doctor Who fan and I'm so chuffed.

'I think you are absolutely smashing CBeebies, I'm so chuffed for you, I think you're doing an brilliant job. I just wanted to send you loads of love and a high five, and I hope one day we'll get to meet.'  

Cheeky George added he might want to show some fancy footwork on the Strictly stage next.

Viewers loved the presenter's appearance on the show and said it infused some positivity in their morning. 

'What a wonderful person George is,' one said. 

'Well that a nice cheary moment with George for a change,' another said [sic].  

'Fantastic to see lovely George Webster on GMB. So happy about his new job presenting on CBeebies,' a third added.   

Viewers loved George and Rob's appearance on the show and they it infused positivity into their morning

George first appeared on CBeebies to make a video busting the myths surrounding Down's syndrome, before he was recruited as a presenter. 

While he was initially pegged to star as a guest host, his appearance was so popular that fans called for him to be taken on full-time. 

He was scouted for the role through his work as a Mencap ambassador.

The official Mencap Twitter page shared a tweet congratulating George on his news, with the message reading: 'We are so excited to see our fantastic ambassador George Webster become a presenter...

'Congratulations, George from everyone here at Mencap! You are a brilliant role model so it is great you will have the chance to introduce yourself to so many people.'

Down's Syndrome, the condition caused by an extra chromosome that can affect a child's development

 Down's syndrome is a genetic condition that typically causes some degree of learning disability and certain physical characteristics.

Symptoms include:

Screening tests can uncover Down's syndrome during pregnancy but are not completely accurate.

It is caused by an extra chromosome in a baby's cell due to a genetic change in the sperm or egg.

The chance of this increases according to the age of the mother.

A 20-year-old woman has around a one in 1,500 chance of having a baby with Down's syndrome.

Women in their 40s have a one in 100 chance.

There is no evidence women can reduce their chances of having a child with Down's syndrome.

Down's syndrome does not have a cure.

Treatment focuses on supporting the patient's development. 

People with Down's syndrome have more chance of health complications such as heart disorders, hearing problems, thyroid issues and recurrent infections.

Source: NHS Choices 

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