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Festival goer tracks down man who found her phone two years ago only to find out he's not single

A festival goer who launched a nationwide search for a man who filmed a video on her phone after she lost it at a festival finds out he's not single.

Cherie Jones lost her mobile at the popular New Year's Eve festival In The Park in 2018 as a huge storm brought celebrations to an abrupt halt. 

Two years later she uploaded a video of a mystery guy on her TikTok on Thursday to find him before discovering he's already seeing someone. 

Ms Jones posted a screenshot of their direct messages where she wrote: 'Just making sure you are definitely single?'

'Sorry i'm actually seeing someone', he responded with a sweaty face emoji. 

The anticipated reunion ended as mystery man reveals he's not single (pictured above)

The young woman said that she was 'a little disappointed, but oh well'. 

'Don't be afraid to shoot your shot ladies'. 

Her original video has now gone viral, where she asked her followers to 'Help me find the man who handed my phone into security after a storm at a festival'. 

The video then cuts to the man, who is dressed in a black button up shirt with his friend.  

'We have your phone. Don't worry,' the mystery man says.  

An Australian woman made a call out to TikTok to help find man who found her phone at a festival (pictured)

He runs his hands through his dark hair and look down at the camera saying 'we'll hand it to security'.  

The mystery man eventually came forward after seeing the video and the two are expected to reunite almost two years later. 

'Looks like TikTok has brought us together', she said.  

Users were excited, some already stating their reunion was the call for wedding bells.  

'Girl he found this TikTok! Marry him!' 

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