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Fangs for nothing: Shocking moment a huge green snake is spotted slithering along a backyard fence

A Townsville homeowner has woken up to a surprise visitor on their backyard fence.

Rebecca Grant posted photos of the large green to the Australian Native Animals Facebook group on July 24, asking for help identifying the reptile.  

Wildlife enthusiasts soon recognised the creature as a harmless and non-venomous common green tree snake (Dendrelaphis punctulatus).

A Townsville homeowner received a surprise guest when a common green tree snake (pictured) slithered along her fence on Saturday morning

'It won't hurt you. It's more scared of you. Leave snakes alone they will slither away,' commented one reader.

The Facebook group was created to 'share photos, news and knowledge to help educate ourselves with the intention to preserve and protect our diverse and fragile native communities', according to the group's biography. 

One member also shared an image of another green tree snake they found in their home, this one curled up on their toilet roll holder in the bathroom. 

According to the Reptiles of Australia website, green tree snakes can grow to an average of 1.6m.

The species is commonly encountered, has no fangs, no venom and would rather slither away than attack.  

Tree snakes have long, slim bodies, with a wide range of colours including green, olive, brown and black to a rare blue/grey on their upper body. Their bellies are usually yellow or a cream colour, with bright yellow present on their throats. 

Members of the Australian Native Animals Facebook group helped the homeowner identify the snake (pictured), with many commenting on how long it was 

The green tree snake is commonly found in northern and eastern Australia, mainly towards the coastal regions, and lives in a wide range of habitats including rainforests, wet sclerophyll forests, dry woodlands, farmlands and suburban backyards and gardens. 

The reptiles are active during the day and predominantly live on a diet of frogs, skinks, geckos, reptile eggs and tadpoles.

Wild snakes may also emit a pungent smell if roughly handled. 

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