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Fake heiress Anna Sorokin gets her hair done for the second time in two weeks at New York salon

Fake German heiress Anna Sorokin was spotted out and about in Manhattan on Thursday as she headed to a hair salon to tame her locks. 

Getting her hair done appears to be something of a priority for the 29-year-old who was released from prison two weeks ago having served a fraction of her four year sentence. 

She was pictured having her hair done less that two weeks ago just days after being released.

Sporting a casual look, dressed in a black hoodie and jogging pants, Sorokin wore black sunglasses and a face mask while out on the streets of New York City and while waiting for her hair appointment at a salon on 25th Street in the Flat Iron District.

She was then said to have plans to look some New York City apartments as she has decided to to stay in the city for the time being.

'The Fake German Heiress' Anna Sorokin was spotted heading out of the Nomad Hotel to get her hair done at a salon

Sorokin has been staying in a Manhattan hotel since her early release from prison earlier this month

Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey, was released from prison on February 11th having served a fraction of her four year sentence for defrauding banks, hotels and friends out of $275,000

She was released from after 'time served' and due to 'COVID' and 'good behavior'

Sorokin has been spotted shopping and has been in contact with friends again as well as restarting her social media accounts

Sorokin was spotted wearing an all black outfit of tracksuit bottoms, a black hoodie and black face mask

Sorokin - who went by the name Anna Delvey while duping people out of $275,000 before her 2017 arrest - was released from Albion prison in upstate New York on February 11. 

In 2019, she was sentenced to a minimum of four years behind bars for duping friends, banks and hotels by posing as a European heiress to steal their money. 

She was given time served for the 18 months she spent in Rikers Island before her trial, then was freed early due to COVID-19 and good behavior. 

Immediately after leaving prison, Sorokin set up new social media accounts and reconvened with friends in Manhattan.  

She has been staying at The Nomad Hotel - where rooms cost $260-a-night - and shared photos of wine and caviar in her suite. 

She was followed around by a German TV camera crew and reporter, and also posted on her own social media accounts about what she was doing.   

How long Sorokin will be able to stay in the country remains a mystery. 

She is a German citizen and has no legal status in the US but has never been deported. 

Netflix has already paid her $320,000 to consult on a series about her crimes and she has used most of the money to pay off her victims. 

Sorokin was pictured waiting for her hair to be done in a New York City salon on 25th street in Manhattan on Thursday evening

Sorokin could be seen clearly through the window of the salon on 25th Street as she waited for her hair appointment

She has been staying at The Nomad Hotel - where rooms are $260-a-night

Sorokin appears to be enjoying being back in the news as she is photographed running errands around the city

It's the second time in two weeks that she has stopped to get her hair done. One of her first stops was to get her hair done at Valentino Jet Salon. It was filmed as part of the TV special, pictured above

Anna Sorokin, who claimed to be a German heiress, is pictured in court in April 2019. She was sentenced to four years in jail

Sorokin duped friends, hotels and even banks into giving her money between 2016 and 2017. 

She pretended to be the daughter of a mysterious oil baron in Europe and lived an exorbitantly expensive lifestyle in Manhattan without ever actually paying for it. 

It came crashing down in 2017 after she took a friend, a Vanity Fair photo editor, to Marrakesh with her, racked up thousands in charges at hotels and then gave the photo editor the $62,000 bill, promising to pay her back. 

Sorokin also convinced banks to give her huge overdrafts, and would convince luxury hotels into giving her the keys to rooms, promising to pay later. 

She always denied the charges and said she intended to create an arts club in New York that would be her legacy. 

Sorokin is the daughter of a Russian truck driver. 

Her parents say she left them to go to live in Paris and London years ago, and that they have had no contact with her. 

Sorokin pleaded not guilty and maintained her innocence throughout trial, insisting it was all a misunderstanding.

Her trial took place in Manhattan in 2019 and included tantrums from Sorokin over her wardrobe.

After getting her hair done Sorokin said she was going to look at apartments in the city as she plans on staying in New York

Sorokin, who was released from prison eight months early, also called her time in prison 'a huge waste of time'

Fake German heiress Anna Sorokin has called her time behind bars 'pointless', saying regret 'is a useless feeling' and revealed plans for a TV show and tell-all memoir in her first interview since leaving prison

Sorokin appears to be carrying around her black leather folder in which she posted to Instagram

Sorokin posted this picture of a wad of cash to her Instagram page a couple of weeks ago 

Sorokin served just under two years for defrauding Manhattan banks, hotels and her friends out of $275,000 in a scheme that won her the name the SoHo Grifter

Sorokin had the streets to herself on Thursday evening as she made her way from a hair salon to an apartment viewing

Sorokin has said that she plans to stay in the city for the time being will not be returning to her native Germany


Under New York State Law, a convict can profit for their crimes so long as the money gained is made accessible to their victims. It is what's known as the Son of Sam Law. 

'The Son of Sam law requires any entity that enters into a contract with someone who is accused or convicted of a crime to supply a copy of the contract to the Crime Victims Compensation Board. That entity would have to deliver any money owed according to the contract to the board for placement in an escrow account for five years. 

'If an interested party were to successfully sue the perpetrator, the money from the contract would be used to pay any judgment. If no victims were brought within the five year period, the Crime Victims Compensation Board would be required to provide the funds to the accused,' the state senate's description of it reads. 

It's unclear how much victims can claim from the perpetrator. 

Sorokin was told she had to repay the banks she stole from $199,000 and pay $24,000 in state fines. A judge unfroze her assets so she could pay them before her prison release. 

Rachael DeLoach Williams, the Vanity Fair photo editor she scammed, was not repaid. She made $330,000 out of TV and book deals about the ordeal. 

Sorokin was told she also didn't have to repay the hotels she stole from by staying in rooms then not paying the bill. 

It means that after paying off the banks and state fines, she had some $100,000 to play with from the Netflix deal - though it's unclear how much she was taxed for the money. 

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