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Engineer, 69, was so badly beaten his family only recognised him by a watch is left with memory loss

Distressing pictures have shown the horrific injuries suffered by an engineer who was so badly beaten inside his home in Hull that his family only recognised him by his watch. 

Alan Dyke, 69, suffered multiple facial fractures and a bleed on the brain after being savagely attacked inside his new house in May earlier this year.

He was rushed to Hull Royal Infirmary and remained in hospital for six weeks following the incident. 

The successful engineer, who worked on oil refineries all over the world, is now suffering from memory loss and repeatedly asks his family what day it is.

Son Cameron Dyke said he only recognised his dad, who was found barely conscious, from a Breitling watch he was wearing in his hospital bed. 

He added: 'I wasn’t allowed to see him until the day after the attack.

The horrendous injuries suffered by engineer Alan Dyke, who was hospitalised for six weeks after sustaining a bleed on the brain and multiple facial fractures

'When I went to see him, as you can imagine from the photos it was heartbreaking to see my dad in such a state. 

'I only recognised him from his Breitling watch I bought him, which he was wearing in the hospital bed.'

Cameron said his dad's life has changed forever following the attack.

He added: 'Since the attack, his memory has been declining rapidly. He asks me the same repeated questions such as, what day is it?

'And then he can’t remember what he had for food.

'He remembers his life before the attack such as people, his working life, but nothing that’s happened recently.'

Alan had a successful career as an engineer in which he travelled the world, but he has now been left unable to work and living in supported accommodation with the support of a charity

Alan visited America, Canada, Germany, Holland and Norway as part of an established career as an engineer and was still working at the time of the attack.

However, he is now unable to work and has lost his home, instead having to now live in supported accommodation helped by a local charity.

Two people have been charged in relation to the incident and await trial next year.