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Emma Bell undergoes surgery at Perth hospital after her bag was snatched in Bali

A young hairdresser has been rushed home to Australia for emergency surgery after she was nearly killed in a violent bag snatch in Bali - three years after her boyfriend died, bringing their love story to a sudden and tragic end. 

Emma Bell, 25, from Byron Bay on the NSW north coast, spent days in intensive care after a motorcyclist snatched her bag and dragged her along the asphalt for several metres in Cangu, Bali, last week. 

Ms Bell, who was knocked unconscious and suffered broken cheek bones, a fractured skull and bleeding on her brain, was flown back to Australia on Saturday night and underwent surgery at Royal Perth Hospital. 

Her horrific ordeal comes after the 'unexpected and shocking' death of her partner, Tristan Naudi, 23, in January 2016.

The young chef had taken MDMA which he mistakenly thought was LSD, and called police to his home in Bangalow, near Bryon Bay, for assistance.  

Emma Bell (pictured) suffered broken cheek bones and bleeding on her brain after she was robbed and dragged along the ground in Bali

Ms Bell's boyfriend Tristan Naudi (pictured left with Ms Bell) died in January 2016 after he was rushed to hospital after taking MDMA

Mr Naudi was taken to hospital in a caged police vehicle as an ambulance wasn't available, and put in a mental health isolation room for treatment.

Once inside, Mr Naudi was given a sedative and an anti-psychotic drug, before  police officers put him face down on a mattress while he was handcuffed, an inquest into his death was told, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.  

Counsel assisting the inquest Donna Ward told Sydney Coroners Court a doctor noticed Mr Naudi's head being pressed into the mattress and asked 'can you make sure the patient can breathe in that position?'

Mr Naudi became silent and was flipped over by doctors, who found he wasn't breathing and had purple skin around his neck.

Ms Bell (pictured) was flown back to Australia from Bali on Saturday night and underwent surgery at Perth Royal Hospital 

'CPR compressions started but sadly reached the point where it was futile to continue,' Ms Ward said. 

'This man died in circumstances that were both unexpected and shocking.'

The court heard only two ambulances were available in the Byron Bay area that night, with one 40 minutes away and the other at Byron Bay station.

NSW Ambulance Officer Tony Gately told the court it was possible ambulance personnel determined Mr Naudi's request was not worth risking leaving the station over another potentially more urgent job in town, such as a cardiac arrest. 

In the wake of Mr Naudi's death, Ms Bell (pictured together) shared a series of touching tributes online

In the wake of Mr Naudi's death, Ms Bell shared a series of touching tributes online. 

'I am so grateful to have shared so many beautiful memories with you, the crazy adventures in the kombie, the lazy chills giggling and how could I ever forget our epic dinner dates making best friends with the staff after a few cocktails and so many more what seems like a life time of memories,' she wrote on Facebook.

'Not one day with you was a dull day, you taught me to live everyday like it's your last and I know most people say that, but those who know Tris would know he does that best.

'I love and miss you deeply everyday baby.' 

She said in a separate post: 'It breaks my heart we will never be in body. But in memory, heart and spirit forever we will be. Missing you more and more each day my beautiful boy.' 

'Not one day with you was a dull day, you taught me to live everyday like it's your last,' Ms Bell said of her boyfriend (pictured together)  

Ms Bell had been 'living the dream' after she moved from Byron Bay to Bali to pursue a career in hairdressing.   

During the time she was in hospital in Bali, her friends organised a GoFundMe page to help cover Ms Bell's $2,000 a day medical bills. 

The fundraiser also encouraged people to donate to cover the expense of the medivac flight that was needed to bring her back to Australia. 

'She is one of the most beautiful souls I know. She would give all she could if it was someone she knew was in great need of help,' Ms Bell's friend Emi Thompson wrote.

'We just want her to recover the best she can so she can be healthy again.

'It's oh so scary. We all in utter shock!' 

Ms Bell is recovering in hospital in a serious but stable condition, 9 News reported.  

Ms Bell (pictured) had recently moved to Bali from Byron Bay to pursue a career in hairdressing

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